5 tips on how to switch car insurance companies

Is switching car insurance bad?
Can I cancel and change car insurance anytime?
Is it even worth switching?

Switching auto insurance companies can leave you with a lot of questions. But it’s easier than you think, and the savings is often worth the small hassle.

Our members tell us how easy it was to switch to Root. You can even request cancelation of your previous policy, right from the Root app. And since we don’t insure bad drivers, good drivers save up to 52% for the same coverage. Cutting a required bill in half? Worth it.

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Quote from a customer who loves the Root app because it saved them 5K per year

Here are easy steps to switch car insurance companies:

  1. Determine the right time to switch.
  2. Compare price, coverage, and reviews.
  3. Watch out for hidden fees and trick discounts.
  4. Bridge the gap between policies.
  5. Follow up.

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1. Determine the right time to switch.

You’re allowed to switch car insurance companies anytime you want—you’re not bound to a contract like a cell phone plan. So if you switch to Root now, you could start saving $100 a month and spend your savings on something you really want.

Big life changes like moving, buying a new car, or getting married are the most important times to compare auto insurance options. And if your policy is up for renewal soon, the chances of a price increase are high. Some companies give a penalty for leaving early (Root does not), so check before canceling.

2. Compare price, coverage, and reviews.

Don’t be tempted by price alone. Car insurance is required for a reason—poor coverage and bad customer support could cost you more in the long run.

Visual respresentation of car insurance coverage prices

Compare price

Some companies offer a lower price but for significantly less coverage. So if you’re in a serious accident or your car gets damaged, you may ultimately pay more.

With Root, the #1 factor that goes into your auto insurance rate is how well you drive. There’s no need to call in for a car insurance quote. Everything’s in the app and totally transparent. You control how much you pay by adjusting coverage amounts.

Visual representation of different car insurance coverage types

Compare coverage amounts

Make sure you know which coverages you actually need. Start by looking at your current policy. Then compare each type of coverage to the new quotes.

Confused? We don’t blame you. We break down insurance lingo and walk you through each step of customizing your policy. Easily compare car insurance options and benefits, side by side.

Customer quote about an insurance agent recommending Root to friends

Compare reviews

Any company will have some negative reviews, but when you look online, consider the majority and use your judgment to weed out the trolls. Root Insurance has an average rating of 4.5.1 Even agents from other insurance companies switch to Root!

A car dropping into potholes that are shaped like dollar signs

3. Watch out for hidden fees and trick discounts.

Don’t pay for what you don’t need—traditional insurers inflate your rate to make up for bad drivers’ claims. Stop paying for bad drivers. The Root app filters them out, which keeps our prices low. And the agent’s commission is another unnecessary cost.

Be wary of absurd discounts and deals some companies use to lure you in. At Root, we care about what matters—your good driving—so the discounts are already built-in.

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4. Bridge the gap between policies.

Start your new policy before you cancel the old one. A crossover of policies protects you from accidentally driving without insurance, which is illegal. You could also be penalized in the future if a gap in coverage is noted in your history. Even with an overlap of coverage, you’ll normally get a prorated refund when you show proof of the new policy.

We’ll save you the awkward breakup by helping to cancel your previous policy. And your Root proof of insurance is immediately in your phone.

Illustration of a hand holding a phone

About half of our members use the Root app to break up with their previous company.

5. Follow up.

Make sure your previous company actually cancels your old policy. Not all insurance companies are as modern as Root, so it can take them longer. Get your cancelation in writing (paper letter or email), just to be sure. While we can request the cancelation for you, we can’t force it. If you don’t receive notification within 10 business days, call your previous company to confirm.

You’ll also want to inform your lien holder (leasing company) about the change in coverage, right in the app. Don’t forget to cancel any automatic payments through your bank. And finally, make sure you get your refund from the previous company (if you’re expecting one).

Switching auto insurance companies doesn’t have to be intimidating and complicated. Yes, it requires a little work. But the savings of up to 52% is worth it. Ready to make the switch and finally save extra money on car insurance? Welcome to Root.

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