How do Root’s auto insurance benefits compare?

Root saves its members an average of $1,142 a year. And when it comes to benefits? There’s no comparison.

See how the other guys measure up to Root and then download the app for a free quote. Finally—modern, affordable, and fair car insurance.

Finally—modern, affordable, and fair car insurance. Does your car insurance company offer these Root benefits?

Feature Root Car Insurance The Other Guys1
A rate based primarily on how you drive
Average savings of $1142 annually
Free Lyft credits on certain holidays
A referral program where you can earn $$$
Insurance explained in simple, human language
Buy and manage your policy—everything in one convenient app ?
A 4.6 average rating in the App Store and Google Play ?
Insurance cards on your phone ?

Root’s pricing model vs. traditional pricing models

At Root, your driving score is the #1 factor in determining your car insurance rate. (Yep, we’re not joking.)

Car insurance pricing rate model comparison pie chart - Traditional model
Car insurance pricing rate model comparison pie chart - Root model
  • Driving Ability
  • BMV Record
  • Credit
  • Age
  • Other

Your insurance rate should be based primarily on your actual driving behavior—not just your demographics like age, gender, marital status, and ZIP code. Root keeps driving behavior at the top so good drivers save up to $100/month.

Driving records traditional car insurance pricing model pie chart

Root Reviews

  • Anthony B.Android user

    I work for a car insurance company. They gave me a monthly rate of just over $500. I didn’t take that and went with Geico for about $240 a month. Root gave me a quote for $105. As a 23 year old, this is amazing. Instead of being treated based on my age, I’m being rated based on how I actually drive.

  • Christopher O.iPhone user

    I have saved $100 month and improved my full insurance coverage. Incredible!! I adore it.

  • Nancy S.Android user

    I've never been able to apply for insurance this quick and easy. Very self explanatory and simple. Life should be just simple, without the complications and complexities. Get Root, because life is simple.

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