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Good drivers save more. Join the millions of people who’ve taken the Root test drive and see how much you could save.

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Rates based primarily on how you drive

Traditional car insurance companies focus on demographics like age, ZIP code, occupation, and credit score to price your coverage. We don’t think that’s fair. When we offer a rate, your behavior behind the wheel gets more weight than any other single factor. We’ve never used occupation or education level in our rates—and what’s more, we’re committed to removing credit scores from our pricing entirely by 2025. With Root, the safer you drive, the more you could save.

How much does driving behavior impact your insurance rate?

With Root, how you drive matters more than any other factor.

How much does driving behavior impact your insurance rate?

How do we measure safe driving?

The Root app works with your smartphone sensors to gather and analyze data while you drive. Don’t worry, we never sell your personalized data. Learn more about all the ways the Root app can help you save money.

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Focused driving

Don’t get distracted by texts on your phone or changing radio stations. Stay focused on your driving and the road ahead.

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Smooth braking

Give yourself plenty of time to brake. Frequent, sudden braking suggests you might be driving too closely to the car in front of you, or not focused on the road.

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Gentle turning

Turn safely by slowing down. Ease into and out of each turn.

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Safe hours

There are times when it’s simply more dangerous to be on the road. Avoid late night trips, especially on the weekends. 

How the test drive works

Your safe driving could save you up to $900/year.

Download the app and follow our easy prompts to get started.

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Drive around like you normally would for a few weeks.

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Once the app has enough information, we’ll let you know if we can insure you and what your rate will be. 

Still have questions?

What if I’m a bad driver?

Root isn’t the right fit for everyone. Our models don’t work with every situation, so we may not offer you a quote after the test drive. That just means you could save more with another carrier, and we don’t want to stand in the way of your saving money.

Does the Root app need to be open for trip tracking to work?

The Root app does not need to be open. You actually give it permissions to run in the background on your phone when you set up the test drive.

I drive for a living. Will that affect my test drive?

Currently, every trip you take during the test drive will count toward your quote, regardless of why you’re driving. For people who drive for work, like EMTs, police officers, mail delivery personnel, and truck drivers, this means the trips you take for work will be used in addition to your personal driving to calculate your rate. 

But, we encourage you to take the test drive anyway. Good drivers are often surprised at how low their quote is—even with their work trips. We can also let you know if your work driving has impacted your score (just message us at

Won’t the test drive drain my battery?

We do our best to make sure that our test drive is as battery friendly as possible—many customers report no change or very little change. The good news? Any short-term inconvenience can lead to big savings.

Ready for fair car insurance?

Take the Root test drive and see how much you can save by driving safely. 

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