5 Safety Tips to Scoot the Root Way

At Root we know a thing or two about transit and the risks that can come along with it. Here are a few tips to keep scooting safe, Root-style.… read more

Why being your own agent saves you money

(Spoiler: You keep the agent’s commission.) Let’s get straight to the point: Traditional insurance a… read more

Root Guide: Recovering After Extreme Weather Damage

Recovering from a major storm or natural disaster isn’t easy, and we know you’re eager to return to… read more

6 Tips to Protect Yourself and Your Car Before a Storm

The inside scoop from Root’s claims expert It sounds like something from a post-apocalyptic movie, b… read more

Filing a claim is easy—right when you need easy

Filing a claim after a car accident or storm damage can be a major pain—often exacerbating an alread… read more

4 Ways Root Insurance Users Earned up to $7K from Referring Friends

Yep, you read that right. There’s a Root Car Insurance user who’s earned over $7,000 big ones just f… read more

A Note from Our CEO: Root is now in 20 states

This past week, Root began insuring good drivers in Oregon, making it our 20th state. This is a huge… read more

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