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Ready to take the Root test drive and save up to 52%? Let’s get started.

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    Car insurance reinvented - no agents, no phone calls, no hassle. Get started in less than a minute.

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    We use your phone to measure your driving behavior for 2-3 weeks. Better driving = more savings, as it should be.

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    Choose a recommended plan or create your own. Then pay for your perfect policy - it’s all in the app.

It's all in the app.

A few words from happy customers

  • Photo of Kyle P

    Kyle P.
    Columbus, Ohio

    Joined Root about a month ago. Saving close to $40 a month with slightly better coverage than I had with my previous insurer. This is how all insurance should be. I shouldn't pay based on how other people near me drive. Thank you for flipping the insurance game upside down!

  • Photo of Justin R

    Justin R.
    New Albany, Ohio

    Simply Amazing! Never have I paid so little for Great coverage on an insurance policy. They don't judge based off what regular insurance carriers go off of. It's seriously nice not to just feel like a number 😊

    Thanks Root!

  • Photo of Chris A

    Chris A.
    Worthington, Ohio

    Root’s quote was almost 40% less than what I had been paying. We’re saving almost $400 per year, even taking into account the discount we had been getting on our homeowners insurance!

  • Photo of Chris R

    Chris R.
    Columbus, Ohio

    The claims process was smooth and easy. The person in charge of my claim was informative and helpful, and I thought the entire process was straightforward.

Where we are
will be soon

All good things start small. So did Root. And now we are working hard on expanding the states we can serve.

Root state expansion

We believe car insurance should be rooted in fairness

If you drive well, you are less likely to get in an accident. Therefore, you should pay less. That’s the simple thesis our company is built on. We’re restoring fairness to the insurance industry one policy at a time.

  1. Simple pricing

    What you see is what you get. There are no gotchas with Root. Once you receive a quote we give you full control over your coverage.

  2. Fair rates

    You're paying for car insurance based on how risky you look on paper. You deserve a fair rate based how you drive, not who you are.

  3. Modern Products

    Life has its surprises. Everything you need to manage your insurance and handle a claim is on-demand in our mobile app.