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Ready to take the Root test drive and save up to 52% on your car insurance policy? Let’s get started.

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We’re taking fair insurance nationwide. And now we are working hard on expanding the number of states we can serve.

We believe car insurance should be rooted in fairness

If you drive well, you are less likely to get in an accident. Therefore, you should pay less. That’s the simple thesis our company is built on. We’re restoring fairness to the insurance industry one policy at a time.

  1. Simple pricing

    Once you get a quote, you can add or remove coverages and adjust your limits (plus, you can easily see how much you’ll pay.)

  2. Fair rates

    Most traditional auto insurance companies only base rates on demographics, like age and ZIP code. You deserve a rate based on how you actually drive, not who you are. This is where our test drive comes in.

  3. All in an app

    Everything you need to manage your policy and handle a claim is all at your fingertips in our easy-to-use app.