Root, for every stage of life

Navigating life changes can be hard. At Root, we can at least make one thing easy—your car insurance. If you’re driving, you’ve got to have it. With Root, you can trust that you’re covered during each stage of life.

When changes come your way, let us do the heavy lifting.

Everyone’s different. And financial responsibilities change over the course of life. A 16-year-old new driver living with parents will likely need different insurance coverage than a parent of young children or a retiree on a fixed income.

Insurance is meant to protect you from unknowns. So you have to weigh the risks, which change over time.

Ask yourself what insurance you need

Here are some hypothetical life stages and the coverage that may be needed.

Let’s say you’re…

Young, single, and driving an old, inexpensive car

Teenager lying on the roof of her car

You at least need minimal coverage to be compliant with state laws (think discount auto insurance). But you may want additional coverage in case of a major accident. This usually translates to low monthly payments with a higher deductible. MedPay or PIP will be useful if you don’t have health insurance (and is required in some states).

Married with young children, driving a newer, leased car

Mother with child walking towards her car

You might want extra coverage with your precious cargo in tow. Auto leasing companies usually require Comprehensive and Collision on top of the required Liability car insurance. And sometimes a low deductible (with higher monthly payments) is the way to go. Think about a potential big accident down the road.

Retired on a fixed income, with a paid off car

Older woman with a plant next to her car

There’s not a lot of financial wiggle room in this stage of life. So you may want a lower monthly payment. But that’ll mean a higher deductible if you’re in an accident.

These are all hypothetical situations—your needs might be different. And of course there are so many other scenarios. Marriage (or separation), new car, new home, new job—all of these changes should prompt another look at your car insurance.

The good news is that when you have a life change, you can simply open the Root app and quickly update your coverage. Whether you’re adding more people to your plan or adjusting your deductible, managing your policy with Root is quick and easy.

Find out what coverages you really need

So sit back and enjoy life’s ride (even with its bumps), and cross off car insurance from your to-do list. Forget shopping for car insurance online, and download the Root app. Already downloaded? Just open the app to easily make changes to your policy.

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