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Car insurance companies love to talk about how many different discounts they offer. They go on and on about how you can get cheap car insurance by taking advantage of seatbelt discounts, good student discounts, or daytime running light discounts. All this saving sounds great, right? So why does Root do things differently? Let’s break it down.

We don’t put you into boxes.

At Root, we care about the stuff that matters, not how many different categories we can box you into. Our goal is to focus on the things that really make a difference. So no, we aren’t going to give you discount auto insurance for being part of some special club, or promising to wear your seatbelt more, or getting a new haircut. (Even a super cool one.)

Instead, when you get a car insurance quote through the Root app, we want to reward you for the important things. Things like driving a safe car, or having a proven track record of responsible driving.

Most importantly, the single biggest discount you can score comes from our unique Root test drive (which means we can even offer cheap insurance to young drivers). More on that later.

I'm saving so much money because Root reviewed my driving...the only thingthat should matter.

We’re not trying to get you lost.

Have you ever taken a look at that big list of discounts the other car insurance companies want you to figure out? Guess what: it’s really hard to understand. Which discounts actually apply to you? Which ones overlap? If these insurance companies are so excited about giving everyone cheap auto insurance, why don’t they just lower their rates?

These questions are so complicated that even the most seasoned insurance veteran needs a navigator. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to think about getting the best rate? We have some good news for you.

With Root, the savings come built in.

With Root, discounts are a no-brainer.

When you get a car insurance quote from Root, we automatically build in every single discount we can offer you. This means that you’ll never have to worry about chasing down more savings or decoding a long list of potential discounts.

Because of the way Root offers quotes, we’ll already have all the info we need before you ever see a price for car insurance. We never withhold savings from you.

The best thing of all: our safe driving discount, which (like the rest of your discounts) gets factored in before you ever see your final price.

I'm saving so much money because Root reviewed my driving...the only thingthat should matter.

All you have to do is drive.

The Root app makes it easy to score the best discount. When you download the app and make an account, you’ll start off with a test drive. After a few weeks, we’ll learn what kind of driver you are.

Your driving behavior is the single biggest factor we use to determine your quote. You could end up paying up to 52% less for car insurance than what you’re paying now, just for showing us what you’re like behind the wheel. How’s that for discount car insurance?

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