What’s the Root test drive all about?

It’s easy. You drive your car like you always do. While you’re driving, our app tracks things like braking, turning, and the time of day you’re behind the wheel. It takes about 3 weeks.

You get a score, up to 10. And with Root, drivers with high scores don’t pay for the underachievers. In fact, we won’t insure bad drivers at all—keeping our rates low.

Unlike traditional car insurance companies that only base rates on demographics like age, credit score, and ZIP code, Root bases rates primarily on your driving score.

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Higher scores typically equal lower rates

How it works:

  1. Scan your license in our app.
  2. Check out your score during the first week. (The average Root test driver checks their score twice a day.)
  3. See what areas you’re scoring well on and what areas need more work. We find this makes you an even safer driver.
  4. Share your scorecard with friends and invite them to the test drive, too. Earn achievements, and show them off.
  5. When your test drive finishes, and you’re offered a final quote, see how much you’ll save with Root. You can customize your policy, and we’ll even request cancellation of your previous policy for you.


We’re always adding features to the app. Referrals. Achievements. Ways to share. The more you explore the app, the more points you earn. Wait, did we just make insurance fun?

And keep in mind, the Root experience differs from state to state, and we're always iterating to make our features better. So your test drive may be slightly different than the experience we've described above. Either way, you’re sure to get great feedback on how you drive.

What drivers are saying:

It was fun to see how things I did affected my rate

This was actually a fun way to get big discounts on my insurance

Learn more about the data points we look at while you’re behind the wheel. And don’t worry—the motion of your phone is actually different when you’re the driver versus the passenger.

Ready to start your test drive? Download the Root app.

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