Get ready to celebrate savings with Root

Money. There never seems to be enough of it. Whether you’re trying to cut costs to pay for necessities or saving for something special, Root Insurance helps you significantly reduce your car insurance bill (up to 52%) so you can save your hard-earned money.

And our Root members are doing just that—using their savings in smart ways. Like paying off debt sooner.

Woman driving a car made of money

“I used to pay $165 a month and now I pay $72 a month. This additional savings has helped me put more money toward paying off my car sooner.”
—Xander T.

Some members are even using their savings to invest in education.

This savings just paid for all my text books for fall.

Car insurance is a requirement if you drive (liability at a minimum—here’s how to choose it). And lots of us rely on driving to get to and from work (so the money keeps flowing). So there’s no skipping that bill. Traditional insurance companies know you need coverage, but they base rates only on demographics, which you can’t control.

Enter Root: we’re changing the game with a fairer way of doing business. We offer car insurance rates based primarily on how you drive, not who you are. The other guys base rates off of things like age, ZIP code, marital status, and credit score. Plus they charge you extra to pay for all the bad drivers who cost them more.

We at Root think the old way of doing insurance is unfair. So we’ve changed the method of pricing insurance. The #1 factor of your Root car insurance quote is your driving score. Your score is based on a test drive using the Root app. And since we don’t insure bad drivers, good drivers end up saving up to $100/month. That really adds up.

“My parents have terrible credit and driving records. All insurance companies on my own policy were $390+ with a $700 and above down payment. Root charged me $240 altogether! Thanks to that, I can do college and not stress on my bills.”
—Jaeden M.

And since everything you need is in the Root app—the test drive, an easy explanation of coverages, your state’s requirements, and management of your policy—the time and energy translates to savings, too. (It’s basically the cherry on top.)

Cutting expenses here and there can be rough. But reducing your monthly insurance bill—often in half—makes those dreams a little closer to reality.

Piggy bank shaped like a house

I'm so thankful that y'all exist. You guys are helping us get our first house, so thank you!
—Ezra K.

We love to see how our members spend their Root savings. (It makes us feel pretty great.) So download the Root app to get started. Then send us a note with how you’re spending your Root savings to We’d love to hear from you. (We’ll send you a free sticker if you do.)

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P.S. What’s better than a hefty good-driving discount? Actual cash. Learn more about our referral program to get some of that cash in your pocket, too.

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