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How can you get the best car insurance rate?

1. Understand pricing.
2. Choose coverages.
3. Compare quotes.
Driving behavior is the #1 factor in car insurance rates at Root

How does car insurance pricing work?

Traditionally, insurance companies use only your demographics to calculate how much you should pay. They factor in your age, gender, ZIP code, credit score, whether you’re married, and if you own a home—mostly things you can’t help. They don’t care—or can’t tell—whether you’re actually a good driver or not.

Root is different. We think the old way of doing business is unfair. So we changed it. Using smartphone technology in our app, we’re able to base auto insurance rates primarily on how you drive—it’s the #1 factor in your rate. And since we don’t insure bad drivers, we can keep our rates low for good drivers. Learn more about Root's pricing.
What car insurance coverage do you need

What coverage do you need? How much?

How much coverage you need depends on several factors, including your state’s requirements, your budget, the value of your vehicle, and your willingness to take risk. You could have a low premium (how much you pay monthly or for a 6-month term), but be prepared to pay a higher deductible or anything over your limit if you’re in an accident. And the opposite is true. You may need to pay a little more per month (or policy term) to keep your costs cheaper down the road in the case of an accident or damage to your car.

Everyone is required to carry Liability coverage, and if you’re making payments on your car, you may need Comprehensive and Collision, too—that’s what’s considered “full coverage.” Will you need a rental if your car is in the shop? Don’t worry, the Root app makes sure you meet all state requirements and helps you to determine your specific needs for coverage levels.

Still looking to learn more? Read our blog on how much coverage to get.
How do you compare car insurance quotes

How do you compare auto insurance quotes?

When you gather quotes from multiple insurance companies, make sure to list the same drivers, cars, and level of coverage (same deductibles and limits). That will make it easier to accurately determine who has the lowest rate when you look at the quotes side by side.

Remember to look at the offered benefits and reviews, too, and not just price. Quality coverage could save you more money in the long run than just taking the cheapest quote now. Look at the bigger picture when you compare auto insurance quotes. Root’s benefits—like Roadside Assistance being included in every policy and a focused driving discount—are perks that make your good quote look even better.

Root benefits at a glance

  • A rate based primarily on how you drive
  • Average savings of $1,142 annually
  • Focused driving discount of up to an additional 10%
  • Roadside Assistance included in every policy
  • An easy-to-use app with a 4.7 average rating¹
  • Free Lyft credits on select holidays
  • Easily buy and manage your policy in the Root app
  • A referral program where you can earn $$$
  • File a car insurance claim in about 3 minutes
  • Insurance cards on your phone

The better you drive, the more you could save.

“Root is absolutely fantastic. I went from $213 a month with Geico to $109 a month with the same exact coverage. I fully endorse this product and recommend it to everyone. It’s completely worth it!”

—Anthony G.

“Saved me an absolutely insane about of money AND gave me 5x better coverage. I was paying $168/mo, cut that by more than half. Even if the rates go up in future renewals, nothing else I've ever been quoted by any other company comes remotely close.”

—Christopher W.

“This company has been a lifesaver, not only in premium savings but also in time savings! It's been a dream come true since the company bases my rates on the way I drive! Absolutely love the process.”

—Larry F.

Start saving.

Get a rate based primarily on how you drive. And save up to 52%.

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¹4.7 out of 5 based on 26.7K ratings for the Root app in the App Store as of September 2019.

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