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It’s Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and since safety on the roads is so important to us at Root, we’re sharing our approach to ending this risky behavior: Make roads safer by rewarding focused drivers with lower rates.

Root member savings in 2018

It pays to pay attention.

Members saved $30,119,801 last year, just from switching to Root. Smooth turns, gentle braking, and focused driving adds up to big savings. And with the Root Focused Driving Discount, people who avoid cell phone use while driving save up to an additional 10%.

Root’s #1 factor in car insurance pricing is an individual’s driving score. Texting and driving—or shopping, streaming, or swiping while driving—dings your score. Drivers who ignore their phones earn a higher score. A higher score typically means a lower car insurance quote. We think that’s worth the extra effort.

Illustration of two cars

Our commitment to safer roads and lower rates.

Root is the first and only company to accurately measure distracted driving behavior. Through smartphone technology and the Root app, our data empowers us to reward good driving behavior and honor our commitment to improving driving safety.

By celebrating Root’s most focused-driving members, we’re encouraging even the best drivers to concentrate on what matters: safe driving.

Not yet getting rewarded for your focused driving? See how much you can save when you switch to Root. Let us celebrate you, too.

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Member savings based on reported savings by customers who switched from another carrier to Root in 2018.

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