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Good drivers could save hundreds on car insurance.

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At Root, we give you discounts for the things that matter—and they come standard.

  • Other companies make you ask for savings, but you shouldn’t have to.

  • Root makes car insurance easy. Manage your policy in our easy-to-use app.

  • We build discounts into your quote, so your final rate is always the best it can be. 

  • The best discount of all: savings of up to $900 a year for good drivers.

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Understanding car insurance discounts

When shopping for the best car insurance, it's useful to understand which discounts could save you the most money. Understanding insurance discounts is one of the most challenging parts of getting insurance quotes.

Depending on your driving record, you may get better rates with a company that insures only good drivers instead of shopping around for secret or hidden discounts.

Different types of car insurance discounts

There are five main types of discounts, but you won't get all of them automatically. Some discounts are "driver initiated," which means that you have to know about the discount and ask for it to receive a lower rate on your car insurance.

But with Root car insurance, you never have to ask for a discount. Our rates for good drivers are so good we could save you hundreds of dollars each year.

Safe driver discount

Insurance companies use your driving history to determine how likely you are to file a claim. Drivers with a history of moving violations, at-fault accidents, or a DUI conviction pay more for car insurance. Insurance underwriters at most companies determine whether you'll get driver safety insurance discounts by looking at your driving record. 

Some insurance companies offer discounts if you complete a defensive driving course. You'll have to pay for the class, so make sure the discount offsets the cost of the course. If you decide to take a driving class, you'll have to provide a certificate of completion to your insurance company to get the discount. 

Or, if you’re already a safe driver, take the Root test drive and see how much you could save.

Driver status discount

Full-time students with excellent grades may be able to get a discount on their car insurance, as well. A number of companies offer 5% to 25% lower rates for good students if they can provide proof of full-time attendance and transcripts showing at least a "B" average. 

Some insurance companies also offer away-from-home student discounts, military discounts, and professional or academic organization discounts. 

Vehicle-specific insurance discount

Passive restraint systems built into your car could earn you a car insurance discount. All cars built since 1983 have seatbelts. The discount you'll get for having driver's and passenger seatbelts and front airbags could be up to 30% off of your Medical Payments or Personal Injury Protection premiums. Your insurer automatically calculates this discount using your vehicle identification number (VIN). 

Anti-theft car insurance discounts range from 5% to 15% off of the Comprehensive portion of your premium. If you have aftermarket anti-theft deterrents on your vehicle, you'll have to ask for this discount. 

Usage-based discount

With certain insurance companies, you could get a usage-based discount if you agree to use the insurance company's tracking device in your vehicle. These devices connect to the vehicle's on-board diagnostics (OBD) port and record drivers' data like mileage, speed, braking activity, and time-of-day activity. 

After six months, before calculating renewal auto insurance rates, you’ll have to send the OBD device back to the insurance company. Depending on driving habits, you could get a car insurance discount of 0% to 30%. 

Root Insurance offers a usage-based discount without the hassle of sending an OBD back and forth. All you have to do is download an app on your phone that measures your driving behavior over the span of a few weeks. Information collected by the app can significantly reduce auto insurance premiums if you have safe driving habits. 

Policy-specific discount

The car insurance coverage types and amounts included with your policy also determine how much you'll pay for auto insurance. Reducing your coverage amounts or increasing your deductibles could help decrease your auto insurance rates. 

If you have a loan or lease, your lender may require a full coverage policy, so you may have less flexibility when it comes to choosing the types of coverage included with your policy. 

Bundling multiple insurance policies could earn you a discount with some insurance companies. At Root, you could get a discount on your renters or homeowners insurance when you bundle with a car insurance policy. You could also get a discount if you pay your policy premium in full with Root, instead of making monthly payments. 

With some insurers, signing up for electronic billing or initiating a new policy before your previous coverage ends could also translate to small policy premium discounts. 

How to get a discount on your car insurance

Not every auto insurance company offers the same car insurance discounts. Since each company uses its own algorithms to determine your car insurance rates, it's important to shop around for the best combination of low rates and good coverage. 

When you shop for insurance quotes from Root Insurance, there's no need to worry about a long list of possible discounts. Using data and technology, Root Insurance offers good drivers a different auto insurance experience. While the rest of the auto insurance industry uses complicated formulas to come up with insurance quotes, Root Insurance primarily bases rates on how individual drivers handle day-to-day experiences on the road. In other words, just do your typical safe driving, and you could automatically be rewarded.

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Getting insurance quotes shouldn't be a time-consuming hassle. When you get a Root Insurance quote, you'll take the Root test drive. Your rates are based on how you drive, which makes your day-to-day driving behavior the most important part of how Root Insurance calculates your rates. Your safe driving habits could earn you an insurance discount of up to $900 per year. 

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Get your Root Insurance quote today and learn about how we reward drivers for their everyday safe driving habits on the road. 

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Root Insurance Agency provides homeowners insurance through Homesite Group Incorporated. Coverage not available in all states. 

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