Does your insurance cover a cracked windshield?

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You’re stuck behind a truck on the freeway and it happens—a rock hits your windshield. When you get home, you notice a crack in the glass. Do you need to get your windshield replaced or repaired? And will your auto insurance even cover a cracked windshield? Find out more about your options.

Repairing vs. replacing a cracked windshield

Depending on the size of the crack, you may not need to repair your windshield at all. However, not all cracks stay small forever and may get worse over time. If the crack is impacting your line of sight (and your safety on the road) you may not have time to wait and see if it spreads.

Repairing a cracked windshield

If you’re thinking about repairing your windshield, check to see if:

  • The crack is 6 inches or smaller
  • There are 3 or fewer chips in the glass
  • The damage isn’t in front of a camera or sensor

Replacing a cracked windshield

If you’re thinking about replacing your windshield, check to see if:

  • The crack is 6 inches or larger
  • There are multiple chips in the glass
  • The damage is in your line of sight

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Using insurance to cover a cracked windshield

If you’re paying out of pocket, you’ll likely pay less if you repair your windshield instead of replacing it. But if you’re in a situation where you need to replace the glass, you may look to your auto insurance to see if it offers glass coverage.

Comprehensive insurance, if you have it as part of your auto insurance policy, covers windshield damage, irregardless of if you need the glass repaired or replaced. You would use Comprehensive coverage for windshield damage similar to the example at the beginning of the blog, where the damage was not resulting from an accident (the rock hitting your windshield).

If you’re in a car accident that results in damage to your windshield (and other damage to the vehicle), repairing your windshield would be covered under Collision insurance if it’s part of your auto policy. If someone takes a baseball bat to your windshield, that would be considered a glass only claim, and you would need to use Comprehensive coverage (and we hope that never happens to you). Overall, you’re likely to use Comprehensive insurance coverage when it comes to repairing or replacing your windshield.

If you use Comprehensive coverage for a covered event and you’re looking to repair your windshield, you won’t need to pay a deductible. Depending on your state, a deductible may apply if you need to replace the windshield.

Depending on your level of coverage, your deductible could be as low as $100. The lower your deductible on your insurance policy, the higher your overall rate. This also means you could choose to have a higher deductible, and pay less for your insurance. Once you’ve paid your deductible, your insurance takes care of the rest. Deductibles are used per incident, not per policy period.

If you’re not sure how much coverage you should have on your auto insurance policy, our How much coverage do I (really) need? blog post will help guide you.

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How does Root handle glass claims?

Like any other claims with Root, you can use our app to file your claim and even schedule a time for your windshield to be repaired or replaced. We partner with Safelite® Auto Glass for windshield and glass claims. We chose to partner with Safelite because of their commitment to customer service. Like Root, Safelite will work hard to make sure you’re back on the road in no time.

At Root, we base your rate primarily on how you drive, not who you are. We believe better drivers deserve better rates (it’s only fair). Since we only insure good drivers, our customers can see savings of up to 52% on their auto insurance.

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