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Car insurance for seniors: better rates for better drivers

Whether you’re planning to retire or stay in the workforce, if you’re 55+, you might be thinking about how to make the very best of a fixed income lifestyle. 

Your plans could include affordable car insurance with great coverage and no surprises.

Traditional car insurance companies use terms like “senior citizen” to increase your rates. But, at Root, we don’t think it’s fair to use stereotypes to rate drivers. We believe that better drivers deserve better rates, no matter their age. How you drive—not who you are—is the primary factor in your Root rate. 

So, be a dog lover, a basketball fanatic, or a film buff. Be young at heart or an old soul—we care that you’re a good driver.

Why is auto insurance for seniors usually so expensive?

Some car insurance companies charge seniors more for their policies because they assume older drivers are riskier drivers. 

But when you look at the facts, experienced drivers are typically safer on the road. So why should mature drivers pay more for car insurance? We don’t think they should. 

No matter how long it’s been since you got your first driver's license, if you’re a safe driver, you deserve a fair car insurance rate that reflects your good driving habits. 

While other car insurance companies focus primarily on demographics such as age, address and marital status to calculate your car insurance rate, we use your driving ability as the No.1 factor in determining your rate. 

Root rewards good drivers of all ages

Our app uses mobile technology to measure your driving behavior through the Root test drive.  

Just drive like you normally would for a few weeks. When the app has enough information, we’ll let you know the test drive is over and what the next steps are. 

Car insurance, all in an app

The Root app makes it easy to customize your coverage depending on your needs and situation—it walks you through everything step-by-step.

You can add coverages, leave off ones you don’t want, and see how your rate changes when you adjust your deductibles, limits and more—in real time. When you want to make a change, just open up the app to modify your policy and price.

No paperwork or hassle. And, even if you only buy the minimum amount of state-required auto insurance, Root includes Roadside Assistance with every policy for peace of mind.

Visit our coverage pages to learn more about all of the coverage options we offer:

We also break down Liability, Collision and Comprehensive, PIP/MedPay and Uninsured Motorist, and Rental and Roadside Assistance coverages even further in some of our other blog posts, too, if you’d like to take a deeper dive into how they work in jargon-free English. 

Your experienced driving matters at Root 

Make sure you’re getting the auto insurance rate you deserve. If you’re a good driver, you could save money and simplify your car insurance experience—all in one app. We can even help you cancel your previous policy.

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