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Renters insurance: Frequently asked questions.

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  • What is Root?

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    We believe the services you need for everyday life should serve you better, so we’ve built a company that does that. We started by tackling the archaic car insurance industry. Through data and technology, we base car insurance rates on how people actually drive. The result is a more fair, more affordable, and much easier experience—thanks to it all being in an app.

    These same principles allow us to reimagine even more of the everyday services you need, like renters insurance. Seamless, affordable coverage for the things you value most—that’s what we deliver.

  • What is renters insurance?

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    Renters insurance protects you and your stuff when you rent your home. It can help with the costs to replace your stuff if anything is ever damaged or stolen, and it can help protect you (and your wallet) if someone is ever injured on your property.

  • Do I need to have renters insurance?

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    That depends. Some landlords do require that you have renters insurance—and we make it easy to add your landlord to your policy right in the app.

    But even if it’s not required where you live, it’s still a pretty good idea. It’s cheap (like, really cheap—it starts as low as $6/month), and without it, you could be stuck paying a lot of money to replace your stuff if anything happened to it. And if someone gets hurt on your property, you could be on the hook for their medical bills, and those can add up quickly.


  • How do I cancel my policy?

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    You can cancel your policy right in the app from your Renters Policy screen. Canceling your renters policy will not cancel your auto insurance policy.

  • What if I move?

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    If your new address is in a state covered by Root, then all you have to do is update your address in the app. Easy. If you move to a state not covered by Root, you’ll need to cancel your renters policy.

  • Can roommates share renters insurance?

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    Nope. You cannot put a roommate on your renters insurance policy. You each have to have your own policies. Family members that live with you, however, are covered under your policy.


  • Can I increase or reduce my coverages?

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    You can choose between three different plans when your buy your renters insurance—Base, Essential, and Premier. Base offers the least amount of coverage and is the cheapest, while Premier offers more coverage at a higher price. If you’d like to change your coverage plan after you’ve purchased your policy, we can help you do that—just email us at

  • What is Personal Property coverage?

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    Personal Property coverage helps cover the costs when something happens to your things, like storm damage and theft. It also helps cover living expenses—like for a hotel—if your home is damaged and you can’t live there.

  • What is Personal Liability coverage?

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    Personal Liability coverage helps pay when you or a family member are legally responsible for bodily injury or property damage. We offer Personal Liability coverage as part of our renters insurance to help cover any medical expenses or legal costs.

  • Does renters insurance cover pets?

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    Pets are not covered as property, so your policy wouldn’t pay if they were injured. But, it would help pay for a human’s medical expenses if your dog bit someone.

  • Does renters insurance cover jewelry?

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    Yes. Jewelry is covered under Personal Property coverage. Root will pay up to $1500 total for jewelry, per claim. This is the max Root covers for jewelry, no matter what your Personal Property coverage limit is.

  • Does renters insurance cover things outside of my apartment?

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    Yes, renters insurance covers many of the items that you own, even if they’re not in your apartment. Have stuff in storage? That’s covered. Is your kid in college? Your kid’s stuff in their dorm room is covered. Have items with you when you’re traveling? They’re covered, too.

    But renters doesn’t cover everything. For example, your car wouldn’t be covered, even if you own it. (To cover your car, get a free car insurance quote—you could save up to 52%.)


  • How do I file a claim?

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    To file a claim, call our claims department at 866-323-6867.

  • How fast will a claim be paid?

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    We’ll start working on your claim immediately. Every claim is different, but our goal is to complete your claim as quickly as possible.

  • How do I contact someone about renters insurance?

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    Shoot us an email at or give us a call at 1-866-980-9431. We’re here to help.

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