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Are you confused with how to choose your coverage, now that you’ve received a Root car insurance quote? We get it. The specifics of insurance can seem complicated. Between varying state laws, insurance terminology, and understanding what you have to have vs. what you might need, things can get pretty overwhelming.

We’ve removed all of those complexities and simplified car insurance.

Here’s how you choose (or create) your perfect Root plan.

Just open the Root app to see two auto insurance quotes. You can customize each one, or start from scratch to create your own. The two plans offer a range of coverages and prices, from the state minimum to the whole package.

Here's a quick overview of our typical quote options:

navigate a Root car insurance quote - plan options

The Root app walks you through each step so you know your options and what you’re signing up for.

Lowest price, less coverage

Auto insurance basically boils down to this: the more you pay per month, the more coverage you have for future accidents. The less you pay upfront, the less coverage you have (meaning you may pay more later if you’re in an accident).

Root's sample limits for Bodily Injury coverage within the app

All drivers have to carry Liability coverage (unless you're in New Hampshire), which is what you use when a car accident is your fault. So you’ll get that coverage no matter what. But you still choose your limit. A limit is the highest amount Root will cover if you’re in an accident that’s your fault.

Higher price, more coverage

When you start to add on more coverages, your monthly premium will increase. The types of coverages that cost more upfront could end up saving you a ton of money later.

Collision and Comprehensive coverages are examples of what you may want to add now to save money if you’re in an accident in the future. The costs from major accidents can be huge, which is why insurance even exists.

These more substantial coverages let you choose your deductibles. A deductible is the amount you pay toward repairs before Root pays for the rest. The lower your deductible, the higher your monthly rate.

Root's sample deductibles for Comprehensive coverage within the app

Finalizing your policy

There are lots of coverage options you can add on, and we break down each type in both the Root app and in our 4-part series: Car insurance in everyday English.

Some companies offer you a quick insurance quote just to get you in the door. But we care more about using data to offer good drivers lower rates. And you can see the Root savings when you compare car insurance quotes from other companies to your options in the app.

Now, head to the Root app to choose or create your perfect plan. You’ve got this. Welcome to Root!

Customize your policy in the app

P.S. You can always purchase your plan now but start your policy at a later date.

Quotes shown are only examples. Your Root quote will differ.

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