Car insurance doesn’t have to be scary

Don’t fret—car insurance doesn’t have to be scary. Yes, understanding insurance terms can be intimidating, and making sure you have the right coverage can be a nightmare. But Root makes insurance simple, quick, and a walk in the park. (A not-creepy park, promise.)

Here are 4 ways Root takes the scary out of car insurance.

1. Nooo—don’t make me talk to someone!

Do you go out of your way to avoid talking on the phone or in person? With Root, now you don’t have to. Yes, we have real humans who answer your calls when you need us, but the Root app does the heavy lifting for you. No more agents. No more phone anxiety.

Agents looking over a Root customers shoulder

Remember Agent Pushy and Agent No-show? Drop the agent. Get the Root app.

2. What do these insurance terms even mean? Deductibles, limits, liabilities—oh my!

The industry is full of jargon. But Root uses everyday English to break down what each coverage means and how it affects you. The app gives you the quick version, and if you want to dive deeper, we’re always posting new information on our blog.

3. What if I don’t get the right coverage? Eeek!

You will. The Root app makes sure of it. Each state has different regulations, and if you’re leasing a car, you’re often required to carry certain coverages. With a quick scan of your driver’s license, and a couple answers to questions, the app’s artificial intelligence takes the wheel to make sure you have all the coverage you need.

Shadowy person holding a gas can

Nobody wants this guy showing up when they’re stranded on the side of the road. Roadside Assistance is included with every Root policy so you won’t have to worry about scary unknowns when you’re stuck.

4. Buying insurance will suck me into a time vortex.

Yes, traditional insurers don’t value your time. But we at Root know you’re busy. Whether you’re starting your test drive or making a change to your policy, the Root app makes it quick and easy to do what you need. Even filing a claim only takes 5 minutes. And when you switch to Root, we even kill your old policy for you.

You no longer need to hide (or procrastinate) from dealing with car insurance, because ROOooOOt takes the scary out.

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