Dollars for driving skills. Seriously.

Enter the Root GOOD DRIVER CHALLENGE. $5000 in cash and prizes.

How it works

  • Sign up

    In order to compete you’ll need our awesome app.Get it here, sign up for an account, and get driving.

  • Test drive

    Drive! Like normal! We’ll scientifically measure your driving skills and if they pass the test you could win free gas, cash, and even your very own trophy.

  • Get social

    Use the SHARE ROOT button in the app to send referrals to friends and family. You’ll get a chance to win a gift card for everyone who signs up.

Two ways to win

  • Drive

    Download the Root driving app and take the test drive. Drive the way you normally do for a few weeks while the Root algorithms scientifically measure your driving skills.

    • The Best Damn Driver in Dayton will get a fancy trophy, a photo shoot, and a thousand bucks.

    • We’ll also give out four $150 Stellar Driving prizes to the next four drivers that the Root app tells us are...well, pretty stellar.

    • Since we’re keeping track of everyone’s scores, each week we’ll buy the top five drivers a tank of free gas. Just as a high five.

    Get started
  • Make noise

    We’re awarding 35 gift cards per week to people who help us spread the challenge!
    Wanna put your name in the hat?

    • TO ENTER THE SWEEPSTAKES, click the buttons below to LIKE and SHARE the Dayton Driving Challenge post.
      (Make sure the share is public so we can see it).

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Final grand prize leaderboard

  • Joe N.

  • Rachel N.

  • Yu B.

  • Leighann G.

  • William S.

Weekly Free Gas Winners

  1. Week 1

    1. Joe S.

    2. Venkata G.

    3. Larry M.

    4. Jerrid L.

    5. Avinash K.

  2. Week 2

    1. Chuan N.

    2. Chris R.

    3. Brian R.

    4. Anirban D.

    5. Joe S.

  3. Week 3

    1. Lance W.

    2. Chuan N.

    3. Jesse S.

    4. Sri D.

    5. Brian R.

  4. Week 4

    1. Leighann G.

    2. William S.

    3. Chad S.

    4. Parth P.

    5. Vicente V.

  5. Week 5

    1. William S.

    2. Ashley W.

    3. Chad S.

    4. Leighann G.

    5. Lance W.

  6. Week 6

    1. William S.

    2. Yu B.

    3. Sarah B.

    4. Joseph N.

    5. Leighann G.

  7. Week 7

    1. Sridhar V.

    2. Joseph N.

    3. Yu B.

    4. Sarah B.

    5. Gerald P.

  8. Week 8

    1. Kristen B.

    2. Joseph N.

    3. Sravanthi S.

    4. Yu B.

    5. Rachel N.


How does the Root app know if I’m a good driver?

Stellar question. We know it’s hard to entrust your ego to a mobile phone.

The simple answer is that we’ve designed the Root app to pick up key indicators that indicate driving ability. Our algorithms look at factors like braking and distracted driving. There are hundreds of other factors, too: time of day, route regularity, turning get the idea.

The point is: this program has been through extensive testing. It’s impartial, scientific, and very good. And if the Root app tells us you’re a good driver, we believe it — and we’re willing to put money on it.

(And, yep—the app can actually tell if you’re a driver or a passenger. No worries.)

Can I win both the sweepstakes and the Good Driving Challenge?

You are, apparently, a phenomenal driver with a solid social network. Music to our ears. So...hey, why not? Swing for the fences!

Why does Root care about good drivers?

We provide awesome rates by only insuring good drivers. So, yeah...we’re interested in good driving wherever we can find it!