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Cheap is smart

Root car insurance is, too. Do the smart thing.
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Some call it cheap—we call it smart

Rocking a wardrobe full of thrift store threads. Filling your cart with store-brand groceries. Stocking your junk drawer with free condiment packets. We get it—you’re on a budget and are always looking for ways to stretch your spend. And that’s just smart.

Know what else is smart? Not overpaying for auto insurance.

We’re Root—a car insurance app that saves good drivers serious money

Root makes affordable car insurance easy. Our app uses mobile technology to measure your driving habits. So the better you drive, the more you could save. Here’s how it works:

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Drive like normal for a few weeks


Get your score


If you're a good driver, you could save up to 52%

Why switch to Root?

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Better rates

Your driving is the #1 factor that goes into your rate. And that means you could save up to half.

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Customize your coverage

Add the coverage you want, leave off what you don’t, and make instant adjustments to your price.

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All in the app

Pick your coverage, view insurance cards, request Roadside Assistance, file a claim, and more, right in the app.

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The app uses your actual driving behavior to give you the low-cost rate you deserve.

I work for a car insurance company. They gave me a monthly rate of just over $500. I didn’t take that and went with Geico for about $240 a month. Root gave me a quote for $105...I’m being rated based on how I actually drive.

Anthony B.

Absolutely life changing! I was paying almost $300 dollars...for my insurance and I downloaded Root and they cut my bill in half. I now pay $106!

Desarae R.

As a new driver this is the cheapest insurance I have found! I love it. Would recommend to anyone!

Tamara H.

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Start saving

Get an affordable car insurance rate based primarily on how you drive. Save up to 52%.

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