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Pickup truck insurance

If you're one of those folks who likes to ride in a cab upfront with a cargo bed in the back, it's almost certain your vehicle of choice is a pickup truck. Whether you're looking to purchase a new truck or cut costs while operating your existing pickup, insurance coverage and premiums probably factor into the equation.

You might assume that the size of the vehicle or the way you use it requires a special pickup truck insurance policy. And under certain circumstances, that assumption would be correct. However, personal, everyday use of a pickup requires no more than a common personal auto insurance policy.

In what follows, we'll give you a high-level look at when a personal auto policy is appropriate and when you may need to approach truck insurance coverage in a different manner.

Getting pickup truck insurance coverage

Insuring your pickup truck isn't difficult. Getting a quote from Root is as easy as downloading the app. Just like with any insurance company, you'll need to provide some basic personal information and your vehicle identification number (VIN) to get started. Then, complete our test drive—we’ll measure safe driving behavior like smooth braking and gentle turning. If you’re a safe driver, you could save hundreds.

If you're using the truck mostly or exclusively for business, you'll need to explore a different carrier. At the moment, Root only covers personal vehicles. 

As a general rule of thumb with personal auto policies, the average truck insurance cost per month will generally be higher as the value of the vehicle increases. For example, if you are wheeling a brand-new club cab off the lot, it would probably cost more to insure than the same three-year-old make and model. Also, if you finance the truck, the bank or lienholder will require that you carry Collision coverage, which adds to the cost of minimum policy requirements.

Insurance for different types of pickup trucks

There are many sizes, styles, and varieties of pickups. If you're purchasing a truck to commute to work and tackle a few DIY projects on the weekend, chances are good that you can insure the vehicle on a personal auto policy. As mentioned, the type of truck and the way you plan to use it will dictate whether a personal auto policy is the right way to insure it. Let's look at a couple of scenarios. 

You're buying a truck because you're tired of stuffing your mountain bike in the trunk of your car every time you plan to hit the trails. You plan on keeping the car to get to work and use your truck for recreational purposes. Every now and then, you might haul some lumber or concrete to make some home improvements. Usage like this points toward a personal auto policy for insuring the pickup. 

Now, let's say you're buying a dual-wheel pickup that costs $88,000. You are a self-employed excavator who needs the massive truck to haul equipment from job to job, and it's rare that you'd even run to the grocery store with the vehicle. It's clearly a truck designed and used for business, so a personal policy won't fit the bill here. You should look for a business or commercial car insurance carrier.

How to choose the right pickup truck insurance

As we've shown, there are usage restrictions when opting to put your pickup truck on a personal auto insurance policy. In the latter scenario we've used, it's very clear that business use is the intent of the owner. Sometimes the line between business and personal can be blurry. So, you're likely wondering how to choose the right insurance for your pickup truck. 

With Root Insurance, the way you use the truck is extremely important. We don't issue business policies, but we do pay close attention to your driving habits when operating a personal pickup. Whether you're driving to work or headed out for some fun, how safely you drive on those trips is much more meaningful to us than how frequently you travel or where you live. We can offer a potential money-saving pickup truck insurance quote primarily based on your good driving skills.

Our innovative auto insurance is a more fair way to price coverage for pickup truck drivers who don't speed, brake hard, or turn on two wheels. So, if you're a proud pickup owner with safe driving habits, downloading the Root app and taking the test drive could save you hundreds.

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