We asked 500 Americans what they thought about car insurance. Here’s what they said.

You know what no one ever says? “Man, I love car insurance.”

And there has to be a reason for that. Since we at Root are trying to reimagine car insurance ourselves, we have a few ideas of our own.

But we wanted to know what you thought. What’s going wrong with your current car insurance solution? And what do you want in a car insurance company?

We asked 500 of you. And you didn’t let us down.

Here’s what you said:

1. "Car insurance is too expensive."

When we asked 500 of you what single issue bothered you the most re: car insurance, the answer was clear.

Biggest gripes with car insurance

For most of you, car insurance just costs too damn much.

And that makes sense. Michael Barry with the Insurance Information Institute says that car insurance premiums seem to go up 6 to 8 percent every year, thanks in part to the rising cost of vehicle repairs and increased crash rates due to distracted driving.

That's not the whole story, though. Traditional car insurance companies often raise rates just to...well, raise rates.

So some of those rate increases you see every year have nothing to do with your driving, your situation, or even your risk pool. In many cases, the price increase for your car insurance is nothing more than a gamble on the part of your insurance carrier that you're too busy to shop around.

(In case you haven't figured it out, we think that's BS.)

But not everything about car insurance is bad. Here's what you said next:

2. "Car insurance is important."

Words that come to mind when thinking about car insurance
Look, no one wants to be caught without auto insurance. One of the most mentioned words in our survey was "necessary."

It sure is. Not only is it illegal to drive without auto coverage in most states, but it's really, really expensive if you're ever in a collision.

Clearly, going without is not an option. So what is?

You answered that, too.

3. "Car insurance should be way better."

So then we asked you to tell us what car insurance should look like. No suggestions. No pre-filled answers. The floor was open and we wanted to know.

Here's just a little of what you said:
Car insurance business values
An insurance company about "honesty" and "integrity." Insurance that "rewards you for being a good driver." And insurance that delivers "[f]airness, good prices, and innovative services."

Sound familiar? That's the kind of insurance company we want, too. (Which is why we're building Root.)


Okay, so it looks like we're on the same page about auto insurance. It's important —we need it—but it could be so. much. better. You want insurance without nonsense, without hyper-inflated prices, without mascots, without the B.S.

So do we. That's why we built Root.

Take us for a test drive?

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