Root's year in review. The 2017 edition.

We’ve had a pretty big 2017 here at Root. We’ve grown. (A ton.) We have a lot to be proud of.

So before we break out the confetti and champagne bottles and start whiteboarding all our goals for the coming year, we thought we’d take a look back at 12 big accomplishments from 2017.

1. Expanded to 8 more states.

That’s 8 more than we started with when the clock struck midnight last New Year’s Eve. And we think that’s a pretty big deal.
State launch map

2. Became the first to discount self-driving cars.

In 2017, we were the country's first insurer to offer a discount for self-driving cars. There’s a reason we’re the future of car insurance. (Hint: it’s because we actually embrace technology.)
Tesla Model 3

3. Found the best damn driver in Dayton, Ohio.

When we say we reward good driving, we mean it. We went on the hunt for the best damn driver in Dayton, and we found that person in one Joe Niswonger. And then we handed him a $1,000 check and a Joe-sized trophy. It was a good day in Dayton.
Dayton challenge winners

4. Quadrupled in size.

New faces. New ideas. It seems like every week we’re welcoming smart, creative, and driven people to an already incredible team. Everyone who joins Root helps us grow and makes us even better. And we think that’s pretty cool.
The Root team

5. Expanded to Android.

Android users across the Root universe exclaimed a collective “hurrah!” when they too could finally get the rate they deserve.
The Root app on Android

6. Sponsored our first Pelotonia team.

Nine awesome Root employees went the distance for this great cause, while the non-riders among us contributed with cheers, high fives, and our wallets.

7. Completely redesigned our app.

This is one good looking app. But we’re not all about looks. We also worked hard to make the app even more user-friendly and intuitive for our customers.
Root app redesign

8. Launched Lyft On Us.

Good driving is kind of our thing, which is why this year we launched Lyft On Us and gave carloads of policyholders free Lyft rides for certain holidays. We think sometimes it’s safer to let someone else take the wheel. (New Year’s Eve, we’re looking at you.)
Lyft promotion

9. Launched our referral program.

One of the best ways to grow a company is positive word of mouth. We added referral links to that equation and started rewarding our customers (with money!) for referring their friends.


10. Shipped 58 app updates.

We’re always working on making our app better, whether it’s an entire redesign to squashing pesky bugs. We’re working so hard we’ve updated it 58 times this year alone.
Root app updates

11. Been to the moon. And back.

No, we’re not insuring good space driving on rocket ships (yet), but with all the people insured by Root, our drivers are racking up enough miles to make it to the moon and back—and then some—every single day.
To the moon graphic

12. Put ourselves out there.

Literally. From tailgates to the North Market, we went out into the Columbus community to let the good drivers know that Root is here to save them money on car insurance. We don’t just stand behind our app. We stand behind little tables and proudly tell people about it.

So as we approach the end of 2017, here’s what we know for sure. All of our accomplishments and all of our growth are for one reason. It’s working. Good drivers are discovering that being good citizens on the road can save them hundreds on their car insurance. They are finally getting the rates they deserve.

And if you haven’t yet, you can start saving too.

Download the app now

Thanks for a great ride, 2017. Cheers to the new year.

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