Root Insurance—now in New Mexico

Root has now reached the Land of Enchantment. And we’ve brought fair car insurance with us—now, good drivers can save up to 52% off their previous rate.

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If you’re a good driver, even the golden New Mexico sun can’t fix your skyrocketing insurance rates. Careless drivers have put New Mexico on the map of worst drivers by state—number 7 in the nation, in 2017. And 20.8% of NM drivers aren’t even insured, one of the highest uninsured motorist rates in the country.

Let’s face it: your poor-driving neighbors are hiking up your car insurance costs. And we think that’s just not fair.

At Root, we rate you based primarily on how you drive. Finally, the good drivers of your enchanting state can get equally enchanting car insurance. Car insurance—the way it should be.

So here's what you do.

  1. Download the app and burn through the 45 second signup. (Forget everything you know about insurance forms.)
  2. Take the test drive. It's usually about three weeks.
  3. Get a rate based primarily on how you drive—up to 52% off your current rate.
  4. Purchase a policy with a few taps.

You can do everything you need right in the app, including filing a claim, managing your insurance, and accessing your insurance card. We'll even cancel your old insurance for you. So, enjoy your mesas, deserts, and snow-capped peaks, knowing you have the best car insurance rates in the West.

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