We made it, Maryland.

Maryland, we've arrived. We've brought fair car insurance to your shores.

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And we're pretty excited to be here. We're big fans of the fact that you gave us our national anthem, your delicious crab cakes, and an island full of wild ponies. And, you have the only town in all of the U.S. named Accident (we'll spare you all our jokes, but just know it was an exciting day for the Root copy team).

Now that we're here, good drivers across the Free State can get the car insurance rate they deserve. We rate you based primarily on how you drive—not just on things like your credit score or what neighborhood you call home. And that's no accident. By only insuring good drivers, we can save you up to 52%.

So here's what you do.

  1. Download the app and burn through the 45 second signup. (Forget everything you know about insurance forms.)
  2. Take the test drive. It's usually about three weeks.
  3. Get a rate based primarily on how you drive—up to 52% off your current rate.
  4. Purchase a policy with a few taps.

That's it. Everything you need is in the app, and we'll even cancel your old insurance for you.

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