Fair car insurance. Now in Indiana.

Live in Indiana? Welcome to the fair car insurance club. As of today, Root is now available in Indiana—from state line to sweet state line.

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This is a special move for us. Indiana is our sister state—just across the border from our home state of Ohio—and we've been eager to get here since we started business in the fall of 2016. We're proud to be in the Hoosier State, and we can't wait for all the good drivers in Indiana to finally get the car insurance rate they deserve.

Ohio. Arizona. Now, Indiana. Next stop? The whole freakin' country.

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To get Root in Ohio or Arizona—and now Indiana!—just download the Root app and take the test drive. Once you’ve finished the drive, we’ll shoot you a quote if you're eligible. A few quick taps in the app and the purchase is complete. Super simple. Your insurance card is right in the app and we’ll even cancel your old policy for you.

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Nice move.

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