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Distracted Driving Awareness Month is here again. Since driving safety is at the core of our work here at Root, we’re excited to release our first annual distracted driving report, The 2019 Root Insurance Focused Driving Report. Our exclusive data from 2018 shifts the traditional conversation on distracted driving.

The use of fear tactics by others to address distracted driving hasn’t worked. Risky behavior like texting and driving continues to be a leading cause of accidents. So we’re elevating our attention to focused driving by celebrating the people and places who are committed to driving safety. Encouraging positive behavior with lower rates can benefit us all.

Data can tell a good story.

Data fuels every action we take at Root. It empowers us to reward good driving behavior and honor our commitment to improving safety on the roads.

Through smartphone technology and the Root app, we know the real habits of cell phone use while driving.

Drivers use their phones 17 times every 100 miles graph

In the report, we highlight distracted driving statistics by breaking down the data into categories like car make, state, city, and generation.

Illustrated car in front of mountains

With this first-of-its-kind data, we’re able to surpass typical car insurance practices and look at distracted driving through a new lens.

We invite you to explore our findings and consider what it takes to change habitual behavior. See the full story in the report.

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