focused driving.

We created a report—The 2019 Root Insurance Focused Driving Report—to celebrate the successes of our most focused-driving members in 2018 and to share our approach to ending distracted driving.

Paying attention pays.


Member savings in 2018, just from switching to Root

Savings from good driving adds up. From smooth turns to focused driving, Root members earned up to an additional 10% off on car insurance with our Focused Driving Discount. We’re encouraging even the best drivers to concentrate on what matters: safe driving.

We believe in the power of data.

It fuels the actions we take and empowers safer driving. But we also know data can tell a good story. A few of our favorites are below.

The average driver is distracted for 8% of the miles they drive.

Based on 1,205,091,107 miles we analyzed in 2018

use their phones
0 times every
0 miles.

Imagine checking your phone 17 times in a movie theater. How disruptive would that be? Now add the responsibility of operating a 4,000 lb force going 60 MPH. Whoa.

Focused driving by the numbers

Drivers by Name

Susan’s in the spotlight.

We couldn’t be more proud.

Susans were the most focused drivers in 2018.

Drivers by Car Make

We believe in you.
To Infiniti and beyond.

But try to be a little more savvy like Saab.

Saab drivers are about 27% more focused than Infiniti drivers.

Drivers by Urbanicity

Take a cue from country living.

Slow and steady saves the most.

Drivers in rural communities are the least distracted—they use their phones 15 times per 100 miles. We could all improve, but especially city dwellers, who use their phones 20% more.


Rural area



Urban cluster



Urban area


Distracted Driving Events (per 100 Miles)

Drivers by State

A focused state of mind.

Utah leads the nation in focused driving.

Utahns pick up their phones 8 fewer times per 100 miles than Marylanders. Must be all those mountains.


Average number of
Distracted Driving Events
by zodiac sign

Drivers by Zodiac Sign

Eyes on the road. Not in the stars.

An excellent car insurance rate is in your future.

It turns out that birthdate doesn’t really impact focused driving. 17 remains the average number of times drivers of all signs use their phones. (But we thought it was fun to look into.)

There’s more to the story.

See the full 2019 Root Insurance Focused Driving Report.

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Denotes a distracted driving event: a moment when unusual phone activity is detected from a driver’s smartphone sensors while the car is in motion

This report includes data that does not reflect how Root prices an individual’s auto insurance policy.

Member savings based on reported savings by customers who switched from another carrier to Root in 2018.

Data comes from users in 22 U.S. states.

Data based on an average.

Let’s make 2019 the most focused year yet. And the savings the most rewarding.

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