Why being your own agent saves you money

(Spoiler: You keep the agent’s commission.)

Let’s get straight to the point: Traditional insurance agents get paid to sell policies. The bigger ($$) the policy, the more money they make. It’s their commission.

At Root, our product (and its low prices) sells itself. And since we provide you with the tools and knowledge to customize your own plan, you are your own agent. You don’t need someone else to take a cut. Essentially, you keep the agent’s commission yourself. (Car insurance agents typically receive a commission of up to 20% for your first year’s premium!)


Even the concept of an agent is archaic. When we have the ability to do something ourselves, why wouldn’t we? These days, we use ATMs to get cash after hours. And we request rides from apps on our phone instead of hailing taxis in the rain. Life is easier. Money is saved.

At Root, we’re doing the same thing—the Root app empowers you with technology to make insurance more convenient and affordable, without the hassle of an agent.

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Agents can make the whole process complicated

To further illustrate this idea, we’d like to introduce two characters: Agent Pushy and Agent No-show. Don’t worry, this will be fun.


Agent Pushy

  • Overly eager to up-sell you the most ridiculous types of coverage, just in case there’s a shark attack on the highway or a spaceship lands on your car.

  • Just won’t leave your house and asks, “What’s for dinner?”

  • Uses scare tactics to squeeze out more of your money with questions like, “But what if your engine blows up?”


Agent No-show

  • Impossible to track down when you really need help, because, well, golf.

  • Leaves you with piles of paperwork to fill out and mail back. Mail…like, with stamps?

  • Raises rates to pay for the massive overhead, because that shiny new Lamborghini is calling. And that trip to Bali.

Do either of these agent personas sound familiar? Ugh. Listen, they’re a bit exaggerated, but they stem from real-life stories. And while agents likely mean well, car insurance just doesn’t have to be that difficult.

There’s an easier way with Root

It’s simple: download an app, get a rate based primarily on how well you drive, and manage your policy from your phone. No agents. No hassle. Every step of the process—from choosing the right policy to filing a claim—is quick and easy.

  1. Download the Root app and sign up in 45 seconds. (Forget insurance forms.)

  2. Take the test drive (2-3 weeks), and get a rate based primarily on your good driving—up to 52% off your current rate.

  3. Customize your policy, right in the app. And purchase with a few taps. It’s quick and way easier than you think. We’ll even cancel your old insurance for you.

  4. If you get into an accident or have damage to your car, file a claim right in the app. Take pictures and submit a claim in under 5 minutes. Then our adjusters help you through the process to get back on the road.

Further resources and tips break down coverage options, in everyday English, so you’re not left wondering whether you have the right policy. And the in-app Help Center makes it all a breeze, with no need for the middleman (or middlewoman).

Your own extra commission

If it’s not enough to essentially keep the agent’s cut, you get even more money when you refer your friends. Once you sign up with Root, you get a unique link to share with others. After they finish the test drive and receive their quote, you both get money. Now that’s a nice bonus for being your own agent.

Ahh, freedom. No more agents. No more confusing, intimidating, or awkward encounters. Just easy car insurance so you have the tools when you need it, and don’t have to think about it when you don’t. So enjoy being your own agent (you can do it!). And say goodbye to Agent Pushy.

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P.S. We’re still humans behind the app, so we’ll always be there for you when you need us.

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