ANNOUNCEMENT: New discount for Tesla® drivers!

We’re excited to announce a new discount for drivers of Tesla® cars! It’s the first insurance discount of its kind, and we’re proud to say that there will be more like it to come.

Why a discount for Tesla® cars? It’s simple: they just crash less. Root believes that falling crash rates means the car insurance industry should adjust rates in response. But none of them have—until now.

So we’re leading the charge.

How does the Tesla® Autopilot discount work?
  1. During the test drive, Root’s app measures Autosteer-eligible highway miles.

  2. We apply a tiered discount—above and beyond any good driver discount you’ve already earned! The higher the percent of highway miles driven, the higher the discount.

  3. Good drivers of Tesla® cars save a lot of $$$ with Root!

We’re rolling out the self-driving car discount today by extending it to Tesla drivers, but soon it will be available for drivers of all self-driving cars!

Own a Tesla®? Grab your discount by taking a test drive with Root! It’s free and super simple. Just download the Root app to get started.

If you can't tell, we’re super excited about the possibilities of the future: new technology, autonomous vehicles, and how data from smartphones can drastically improve the way car insurance works. We created Root to be the car insurance of the future. Artificial intelligence? Self-driving cars? We’re ready. We were born ready. Bring ‘em on.

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