Safe Driving

Safe driving is incredibly important to Root. From driving tips, like how to eliminate distractions, to car maintenance, take a look through these blogs.

Eyes on the skies, Santa

Santa covers a lot of miles to deliver all those presents. But what would it mean if he were distracted by his phone while flying? Here, we dig into the data.… read more

Giving up distracted driving: 4 pro tips for ignoring your phone

Distracted driving is dangerous and you shouldn't do it. Here are 4 pro tips to help you ignore your phone.… read more

Does your insurance cover a cracked windshield?

How do you go about fixing a cracked windshield? Do you need car insurance for this type of coverage? Learn more in this blog post.… read more

Tips for a successful road trip

Root car insurance customers and employees share tips for having the best road trip possible. From supplies to pack for kids and pets to tips for staying alert and saving money, this advice will turn your weekend getaway into a great, cheap vacation.… read more

Road trip mistakes

Root customers and employees share their vacation road trip mistakes. From GPS fails to hotel horrors, these lessons go way beyond car insurance so you can create a road trip planner that will turn your weekend getaway into the best cheap vacation.… read more

5 tips for summer car maintenance

Prep your car now for summer’s road trips so you save the hassle and money of breaking down. Stay safe throughout the season with Root’s car insurance.… read more

Distracted Driving Awareness Month ends. Focused driving does not.

Let's take a minute to celebrate the people and places who are the most committed to focused driving, based on Root user data.… read more

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