Root News

Major announcements and company milestones for Root Insurance, such as state availability updates, distracted driving month articles, etc.

Distracted Driving Awareness Month ends. Focused driving does not.

Let's take a minute to celebrate the people and places who are the most committed to focused driving, based on Root user data.… read more

New study shows Americans use phones 91 minutes a week while driving

Distracted driving behavior data...see what people are most distracted by while driving. Stay safe out there!… read more

Celebrating focused driving. A new approach to driving data.

2019 Distracted Driving Awareness Month Focused Driving report. Stay focused, people.… read more

Redefining the claims experience: a note from Root’s CEO

Three years ago, we set out to unbreak the car insurance industry. We knew traditional car insurance… read more

A note from our CEO: Root is now in 20 states

This past week, Root began insuring good drivers in Oregon, making it our 20th state. This is a huge… read more

New distracted driving survey is in—80% of drivers admit to using a mobile device while driving

Announcing Root for Safety, a new survey about distracted driving conducted by the Harris Poll. In t… read more

Root's year in review. The 2017 edition.

2017 was a big year for Root. In addition to confetti, champagne, and goal setting, let’s celebrate by taking a look back at our 12 biggest accomplishments from 2017.… read more

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