Root 101

From the Root app to the test drive—what makes us different. Learn about the ins-and-outs of Root Insurance in this set of blog posts.

Car insurance for college students

College student? If you’re bringing a car to campus, read this first. Find out about car insurance options and check out Root today.… read more

Car insurance for seniors: better rates for better drivers

Root makes sense for seniors looking for the best car insurance rates. We base prices primarily on how you drive, not demographics like your age.… read more

Earn the car insurance rate you deserve—based primarily on how you drive.

Everyone wants to know how to get the best car insurance rate. Here, we break down the steps to follow to make sure you get the best rate you can, for the coverage you need.… read more

Car insurance for teen drivers. Fast, easy, and fair with Root.

Root is structured in a way that allows for young drivers, like teens and college students, to get fair pricing on car insurance, because we weigh driving behavior more than other factors. Learn how Root works, and get answers to some top teen driving FAQs.… read more

Top 3 Root test drive questions

Root is a different kind of car insurance company, so you might have questions about the Test Drive. Here’s how your driver score affects your rate.… read more

5 tips on how to switch car insurance companies

It’s easier than you think to change insurance companies. And the amount you could save is often worth the small hassle.… read more

With Root, savings come standard.

All possible discounts are already built into your car insurance rate, after you've taken a "test drive" and we see how you actually drive.… read more

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