Car Insurance Basics

Resource articles to help simplify car insurance. Topics include types of insurance, considerations when purchasing, etc.

What happens when car insurance lapses?

Here’s how to avoid fees and penalties from having a lapse in insurance coverage—or how to get a new policy if you can’t. It’s easy to get reinsured with Root.… read more

Car insurance for college students

College student? If you’re bringing a car to campus, read this first. Find out about car insurance options and check out Root today.… read more

How no-fault insurance works

Do you need no-fault car insurance? Find out which states require drivers by law to carry no-fault auto insurance coverage.… read more

How to choose an insurance deductible

Need a car insurance deductible? You do for Collision or Comprehensive coverage. Here, we cover the basics, including the definition of a deductible and when you need one.… read more

Car insurance for seniors: better rates for better drivers

Root makes sense for seniors looking for the best car insurance rates. We base prices primarily on how you drive, not demographics like your age.… read more

Your credit score matters. But we care about your driving more.

Without any credit or with bad credit, it is difficult to find affordable car insurance. This post helps to further define how credit scores work and how they impact car insurance.… read more

Does your insurance cover a cracked windshield?

How do you go about fixing a cracked windshield? Do you need car insurance for this type of coverage? Learn more in this blog post.… read more

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