4 reasons Root's driving discount program is better than theirs

We know what you're thinking.

Why use Root to get a good driving discount? You can get discounts based on how you drive with some of those other insurance companies. (Though surprisingly, not all.)

But we're here to tell you that not all usage-based insurance is created equal...and we’ve tried hard to be the best of the best.

Here’s what makes Root better than those other guys.

Root is way faster.

Root: Typically 2-3 weeks. Those other guys: Typically one policy period (read: months).

We live in an instant gratification world. Wait for an item to be shipped in 5-7 business days? No thanks. We'll take two-day shipping with Amazon Prime. (And let's be honest: that's only if Amazon Prime Now isn't available.)

So it makes you wonder. Why would you wait for months and months to get a discount on your car insurance?

With programs like State Farm’s Drive Safe & Save and Progressive's Snapshot, you don’t get your good driving discount until your policy renews. That’s typically 6 months. We think that’s a long time to wait for a discount you deserve.

We get it—different insurance companies may look at different data, and hey, those other guys may need longer.

The bottom line: at Root, we give you the discount you deserve after typically just 2-3 weeks of driving. We think that's pretty gratifying.

Root is much more convenient.

Root: All mobile. The other guys: Some will send you separate devices you have to install.

Is there anything more convenient than an app on your phone? Seriously. You're probably holding your phone right now.

That's why Root is a mobile app. We use technology to make your life easier. You can sign up for Root on the app and start your test drive immediately. Quick. Easy.

But not every insurance company has fully hopped on board the mobile train. Some still send physical devices to customers—and they arrive via snail mail. You then have to plug the device into your OBD-II Port (after watching a how-to video) and remember to mail it back once the driving discount program is complete.

Not so quick. Not so easy.

Root discounts ALL your coverages.

Root: Save up to 52%, with all coverages discounted. Those other guys: Smaller discounts, don’t necessarily discount all coverages.

A few bad drivers account for nearly 45% of all accident costs. It's a fact. And that drives up insurance rates. Insurance companies need their good drivers to help offset the costs they incur from those bad drivers.

That's why, even if you're a grade-A bona fide best-in-class driver, many of those other guys can only discount your rate so much. They're still insuring all the bad drivers on the road, and they still need you to help cover those costs.

And maybe we forgot to mention. Not every insurance company offers discounts on all of their coverages. They may give you a discount on a few coverages, but they may actually raise your rates on others.

At Root, good drivers never pay for other people's bad driving, because we don't insure bad drivers. That means we can give good drivers even bigger discounts. Drivers with Root can save up to 52%. (Oh, and your discount applies to ALL of your coverages.)

Root has one app with everything you need.

Root: Test drive and policy all in one app. Those other guys: Some have discount programs and policy in two separate apps.

Every insurance company has a website, and many also have accompanying mobile apps that allow customers to do things like pay their bill. But for some of these insurance companies, you have to download a second app to participate in their good driving discount program.

We have one app that allows you to do everything in it, including your test drive. You can view your insurance card, make changes to your policy, and even have us cancel your old insurance with those other guys for you.

With Root, there's just one app for that. Download it now and start saving more on car insurance—the quick and easy way.

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