Roadside Assistance, included with every policy

Root to the rescue! Need a tow or emergency gasoline? Hey, it happens. And when it does, Root’s easy Roadside Assistance is ready for you.

Roadside Assistance is a benefit that’s included in every Root policy—not an add-on expense, which most companies offer. We cover three incidents per 6-month policy term, up to $100 per incident. You pay for the services upfront and we reimburse you. Just send us a picture of the paid receipts.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Tap File a Claim on the home screen of the Root app. Select Roadside Assistance and tap the orange Call for help now bar.
  2. We’ll connect you to one of our local Roadside Assistance crews immediately.
  3. Pay for the services upfront and send us a picture of the paid receipts to [email protected].

Or you can contact any company you’d like for assistance, and send us those receipts instead.

Roadside problems happen to just about everyone—do you want to be on the hook when it happens to you? With Root, you don’t have to be. (Phew.)

Let’s say you...

Car key on key chain

Lock your keys in the car

Of course it always happens at the worst time. Cue Root and a locksmith is on the way.

Gas can

Run out of gas

We know, you were just about to stop for gas. Not to worry. Our Roadside partner will save the day.

Flat tire

Get a flat tire

Sure, you can unpack the trunk, dig out the jack, and start cranking on the lug nuts.

But on a busy street? At night? In the rain? You need an expert who can do it safely—and probably in half the time. Root’s Roadside Assistance will handle it.

Car battery

Need a jump-start

Maybe your battery is old, or you simply left a light on overnight. For whatever reason, the battery is dead, and we’re there to help.

Towing hook

Require a tow truck

If your car’s not safe to drive or you need help out of a ditch, Roadside will help you get unstuck.

Is it really that simple? Yes. Everything in the app is. And if rates up to 52% off weren’t good enough, now you have this extra perk, too. It’s already included in your policy.

(Not on the Root bandwagon yet? Download the app and hop on.)

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