Real reviews of Root Insurance—from customers, test drivers, and haters

If we were following the rules of The Internet, we'd dump a whole bunch of glowing reviews about Root Insurance here, hook up a snazzy video, and call it a day.

But we don't always do things the normal way, and we don't want to show you only the good reviews, because that wouldn't be honest or fair.

What we do want to do: give you an authentic look at the kind of reviews we get on a daily basis—and how we react.

So, here are some reviews of Root Insurance from real customers...and a few haters.

The One About Root Customer Service


Okay, okay, so we do have to start with a good review. Both because it makes us feel good and (let’s face it) we have tons of good reviews.

We picked this one because it highlights our fabulous customer support team. It's not simple to build a support team from scratch while growing as fast as we have. We haven’t done everything perfectly.

But, darn it, we’re trying, and we get better every day. Hearing feedback like this makes it all worthwhile.

The One About Credit Score


Five stars! Great driver, clearly.

One thing we do need to clarify: we don’t only consider your driving skills. We would love to be able to do that—and that’s our eventual goal—but the industry and technology isn’t quite there...yet.

The thing that makes us different is that your driving score is, by far, the biggest factor we consider when we calculate your quote. Basically, we give you a chance to use your driving skills to prove that your demographics are wrong.

(If you want the whole explanation of how we price insurance, tap here for the breakdown.)

The One That Begged For a Meme


First, we're so darn flattered by this request. Thanks for that!


Sorry. We couldn't resist.

But, really, it is pretty complex to sell insurance in a new state. It takes paperwork, negotiation, engineering, and a whole lot of math. And, because insurance is regulated by state, each state requires a different approach. All of that takes time.

So, trust us: we definitely want to be in your state and we’ll be there as soon as possible!

(Meanwhile, you can drop us your email here if you want to be notified the minute fair insurance drops in your state.)

The One Where the Root App is Smarter Than You Think


Ooh. So glad you brought this up.

Here’s the thing: we don’t have settings for driver versus passenger because we don’t need them. We can figure out whether you’re the driver or the passenger from your data patterns. And we only score you on the trips when you’re driving.

Yeah, we know this is a little crazy, but it’s legit and we have the complete explanation here. It’s worth a look if you want the full story—we think it’s one of the coolest parts of our test drive.

(But...yes. Keep your GPS on during the test drive! That part we definitely need.)

The One Where They Got Us


This is a totally fair critique and we’re sorry this happened to you.

Now, to be fair to us, this really doesn’t happen very often. But, for a variety of Pesky Little Tech Problems, once in a while someone’s account will get stuck at the very end of their test drive. Annoying, we know. (That’s why we have a whole team of engineers whose job it is to nail those Pesky Little Tech Problems.)

The good news? This situation is usually fixable! If this happens to you, email the support team. That way, they'll get to help someone, you get to finish your test drive, and some deserving engineer will get to punch a bug in the face.


The One Where Someone Owned the Root Test Drive


Wow. That’s...amazing. And that’s way more than 52%.

The One We Almost Wish Were Correct


We’ll be honest: we giggled when we read this.

Not because the accusation was so out there—we’re sure someone is doing this—but because of the effort it would take to create literally thousands of fake accounts and then post thousands of completely different fake reviews.

It would be nice to have that kind of time.

The One About Saving $1,349


We wish that, too! This driver was definitely paying too much before.

Important to note: these kind of results are not guaranteed. Sharky is clearly a great driver.


The One That's Short and Sweet


We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

What do you have to lose?

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