Our commitment to protecting your data

At a time when data security is top of mind, Root wants to make sure you understand our stance on the topic. Your trust is our top priority and protecting the data we collect is something we take very seriously. We founded this company to… read more

5 safety tips to scoot the Root way

At Root we know a thing or two about transit and the risks that can come along with it. Here are a few tips to keep scooting safe, Root-style.… read more

Why being your own agent saves you money

(Spoiler: You keep the agent’s commission.) Let’s get straight to the point: Traditional insurance a… read more

Root Guide: Recovering after extreme weather damage

Recovering from a major storm or natural disaster isn’t easy, and we know you’re eager to return to… read more

6 tips to protect yourself and your car before a storm

The inside scoop from Root’s claims expert It sounds like something from a post-apocalyptic movie, b… read more

Filing a claim is easy—right when you need easy

Filing a claim after a car accident or storm damage can be a major pain—often exacerbating an alread… read more

4 ways Root Insurance users earned up to $7K from referring friends

Yep, you read that right. There’s a Root Car Insurance user who’s earned over $7,000 big ones just f… read more

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