Giving up distracted driving: 4 pro tips for ignoring your phone

Distracted driving is dangerous and you shouldn't do it. Here are 4 pro tips to help you ignore your phone.… read more

Your credit score matters. But we care about your driving more.

Without any credit or with bad credit, it is difficult to find affordable car insurance. This post helps to further define how credit scores work and how they impact car insurance.… read more

Does your insurance cover a cracked windshield?

How do you go about fixing a cracked windshield? Do you need car insurance for this type of coverage? Learn more in this blog post.… read more

Everything you need to know about salvage and rebuilt titles

Learn more about the details around insuring a salvage (and rebuilt) title car. There are a few hoops to jump through to get rebuilt title insurance.… read more

Earn the car insurance rate you deserve—based primarily on how you drive.

Everyone wants to know how to get the best car insurance rate. Here, we break down the steps to follow to make sure you get the best rate you can, for the coverage you need.… read more

Car insurance for teen drivers. Fast, easy, and fair with Root.

Root is structured in a way that allows for young drivers, like teens and college students, to get fair pricing on car insurance, because we weigh driving behavior more than other factors. Learn how Root works, and get answers to some top teen driving FAQs.… read more

Tips for a successful road trip

Root car insurance customers and employees share tips for having the best road trip possible. From supplies to pack for kids and pets to tips for staying alert and saving money, this advice will turn your weekend getaway into a great, cheap vacation.… read more

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