Our commitment to protecting your data

At a time when data security is top of mind, Root wants to make sure you understand our stance on the topic. Your trust is our top priority and protecting the data we collect is something we take very seriously.

We founded this company to shake up archaic business practices, and yes, much of our approach relies heavily on evaluating individual driving data. It’s how we determine good drivers, and it’s how we give them good rates. And it also means we’re committed to ensuring your data is kept safe, never used for reasons other than determining those rates.

Here are Root’s four guiding principles around data.

1. We never sell your personalized data. Period.

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The value of your trust is far greater than the gain of selling your data.

We are in the business of selling insurance, not data. The value of your trust is far greater than the gain of selling your data. Our longevity is in mind—that means it’s vital to earn your trust for the long haul. And since we commit to it in our privacy policy, we’re ethically (and legally) bound to honor this promise.

What does this mean for you?
  • We use your phone sensor data to see how you drive, not so we can sell data about where you go.

  • We take the data collected while you drive to analyze your speed, braking, and turns to verify you’re a good driver and worthy of the big discounts we give for safe driving. Remember, your driving behavior is the primary factor that goes into your quote.

2. We collect only the info we need.

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As the data come rolling in, we only focus on your driving habits.

There are a lot of moving parts that go into underwriting insurance policies. Underwriting is the process of determining how much risk insurers are willing to take on, and therefore how much you pay. So in addition to your driving data we collect in the Root app, we need some basic information (such as your address) and some more specific information like your driving record. Afterall, it would be irresponsible of us not to consider recent driving infractions. We need your driver’s license details to run those reports.

Our partner Braintree handles your payment within the app, so we don’t even store your payment information on our end. Braintree is PCI compliant, meaning they have to follow a strict set of security standards to process and store credit card information, so you can rest easy in that regard, too.

3. Your telematics data earns your low rate.

The permissions you enable when you download the Root app allow us to gather your driving data so we can determine your discount. The accelerometer, GPS, and gyroscope data tell us, in aggregate, how good of a driver you are. If we didn’t collect this info, we would be like all of the other insurance companies who primarily price rates based only on demographics like age, ZIP code, and marital status. We don’t want that, and we don’t think you do either. Plus, all of that telematics data is stored separately from the other user data (name, address, drivers license info) for added security.

4. High standards of security keep your data safe.

Phone with a lock attached

As technology improves, our security improves right along with it.

Insurance is a regulated industry with standards we happily live up to. All of our network traffic uses an encrypted protocol, which keeps your information secure while your phone is transmitting information. We’re big techies here at Root, so a team of top-notch engineers work very hard, daily, to keep our system secure. As technology improves, our security improves right along with it.

Because we believe in constant iteration, our approach to privacy and security gets stronger year after year. If we were satisfied with the status quo, we wouldn’t have started an insurance company to overhaul the archaic industry to begin with. Our business is to provide good drivers with the easiest, fairest, and most innovative car insurance based on actual driving. And that’s a commitment we’re proud to stand by.

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