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That's right Mississippi, we've arrived, and we're here to save you from paying too much for car insurance. Because if you're a good driver in the Magnolia State, chances are pretty high that you're paying pretty high rates. And we don't think that's fair.

The number of accidents on the roads have gone up in Mississippi. Some are simply due to more folks hitting the roads, while others are caused by drunk driving or distracted driving.

And you know what? The reasons don't really matter to traditional insurance companies. They're raising everyone's insurance rates in MS because of the rising accident costs, period. Not to mention, 23.7% of drivers in Mississippi are uninsured. That's the second highest percentage in the U.S.

But what if less expensive car insurance could lead to more insured drivers?

At Root, we rate you based primarily on how you drive. So if you're a good driver, you can get a great rate on car insurance. That's all it takes. Or as we like to call it—car insurance the way it should be.

So here's what you do.

  1. Download the app and burn through the 47-second signup. (Forget everything you know about insurance forms.)
  2. Take the test drive. It's usually about three weeks.
  3. Get a rate based primarily on how you drive—up to 52% off your current rate.
  4. Purchase a policy with a few taps.

Manage your policy, file a claim, and find your insurance cards all easily right in the app. We'll even cancel your old insurance for you.

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