Distracted Driving Awareness Month ends. Focused driving does not.

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Distracted Driving Awareness Month has now ended, and we’re looking back on a full month of new data and ways to increase safety on the roads.

At the beginning of April, we released our first annual 2019 Root Insurance Focused Driving Report. Our first-of-its-kind data from 2018 looks at cell phone use while driving through a new lens. Instead of using fear tactics, we celebrate the people and places who are most committed to focused driving.

The average-driver is distracted

We break down the data by city, state, car make, age, and more. And even have some fun with names and zodiac signs. Rewarding positive behavior with lower rates and the Root Focused Driving Discount can benefit us all.

Going beyond telematics data, we gathered even more distracted driving statistics with our second annual study online through Wakefield Research. Drivers admitted to engaging in alarming behaviors while behind the wheel—from texting and driving to shaving, changing clothes, and even playing with pets. It’s further proof we’ve all gotten way too comfortable in our cars.

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Nearly half of drivers (47%) say that distracted driving is their biggest concern on the road. And people admit to spending 13 minutes a day on their phones while driving. With this alarming finding, we shared 13 tips to stay focused while driving.

Distracted Driving Awareness Month may have come to a close, but our attention to focused driving lasts throughout the year. Root members know how important safe driving is. And they also get rewarded with low rates for their smooth turns, gentle braking, and of course phone-free driving. The Root Focused Driving Discount is the extra push to pay attention to what matters: safe driving.

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