Announcing: the Root app for Android

This is not a drill.

After months of hard work, driving around with multiple phones, troubleshooting, bug-squashing, and generally being awesome, the development team at Root is proud to release:

The Root App for Android

Yep, our universe has just expanded—drastically. And, if you own one of the supported Android phones, so has yours. Because you can finally can get the car insurance that Wired, TechCrunch, and The Washington Post are talking about.

How does the Root app for Android work?

Just like the app for iPhone!

  1. Download the app.
  2. Burn through the 60 second signup. (Forget everything you know about car insurance forms.)
  3. Take the test drive (normally about 2-3 weeks).
  4. Get a rate based on how you drive.
  5. Purchase a policy—right in the app.

That’s it. It’s all in one app—streamlined, modern, and amazing. No massive pages of questions or fumbling around in the glovebox for a card. It’s no BS...the way car insurance should be.

Any questions?

Any differences between the iPhone and Android app?

Yes. One is for iPhone and the other is for Android. 😎

Other than that, nothing major. We’ve made a few tweaks under the hood to ensure the app looks great on Android and that all functions work flawlessly on each phone we support.

In short? You can expect the same experience on both apps.

Wait...I can now refer my Android friends and get $$$?

You remembered! Yes, you can. Use your special link and you’ll get a $25 check for each one of them that gets a quote (up to $100).

(Get full details of our referral program.)

Which Android phones and operating systems do you support?

Lots of them. Check the Google Play Store to see if we support your Android phone.

Why did you make an app for Android?

The world isn’t made of iPhones. We firmly believe Root belongs in the hands of as many drivers as possible, so we’ve always intended to expand to Android.

In the beginning, we focused solely on iPhone because it just made sense: we’d rather do one thing well than many things badly. But now that we have a strong iPhone app? It's Android time, baby. And we're more than ready.

Eager to put Root on your Android device?

Click here to get Root for Android.

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