4 ways Root Insurance users earned up to $7K from referring friends

Yep, you read that right. There’s a Root Car Insurance user who’s earned over $7,000 big ones just from sharing their unique referral link—and others are getting clever in how they earn referral money, too.

Once you download the Root Insurance app and breeze through the 45 second signup, you get your individual referral link (even before you’ve completed your test drive) with easy options to share. When people click on your link, download the Root app themselves, and finish their test drive, you both get money.

Root only insures good drivers, which saves a lot of money on claims. So we pass that savings along through low rates and referral bonuses. Pretty rad.

Here’s how these Root users took their savings to the next level.

1. Social sites make sharing easy

If you’re looking for ways to score extra cash, it’s likely your social networks are, too. These Root users found great success in sharing their referral link on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit.

Facebook post about the Root referral program

Travis H. scored some major money with this Facebook post.

Pro tip: Give context in your post! Share why you like us, how easy it is to use, and how much money it’s saving you. And tag the people who you think will actually download the app for a stronger nudge.

Instagram post about the Root referral program

Andrew C. cashed in on a simple IG post.

Shoutout to Katilyn B. for utilizing her large FB following—she’s topped the charts with a $7,875 referral bonus! (And counting!)

Facebook post about the Root referral program

Kaitlyn B. shared a Root video to her FB account to give more engaging info.

Reddit post about the Root referral program

Naveen G. earned some extra money using Reddit.

2. Craigslist targets deal-seekers

Friends and family can only rack up so much money for you. Craigslist, and sites like it, however, have a far-reaching audience. And they’re already hungry for a good deal.

Craiglist post about the Root referral program

Lacy P. profited by leaning on the broader audience of Craigslist.

3. YouTube inspires app downloads

You can walk your followers through the easy process of managing their car insurance policy right in the Root app. A video personalizes your recommendation and generates trust through a preview of what the app is really like.

Youtube video about the Root referral program

Michael M. proved the ease of the Root app in a personalized YouTube video.

4. Word-of-mouth is underrated

Sharing your link online can certainly amplify your reach. But your friends and family are more likely to react to a direct callout through text or email. Heck, even share your link at parties (you’ll be a hit once they learn how much $ they can save and earn).

Not everyone’s going to download the app. And not everyone’s a good enough driver to get a quote (remember, we only insure good drivers). But the more people you share your link with, the more likely those dollar signs add up. And seriously, what other insurance company gives you money just for referring friends?

What would you do with an extra $7K? Open or download the Root app to get started. And share away.

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Referral amounts vary based on state, ranging from $10 to $100, and referrals are not available to all users.

The referral cap may be subject to state limits.

All user content was approved by the users and they were not compensated to generate comments or social shares for the sake of this article.

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