3 things Root members *never* pay for

The news is in. Rates for traditional car insurance are on the rise...again. And people aren't happy about it.

The good news? We're not a traditional car insurance company. We do things differently. And, while there are a lot of reasons car insurance is getting more and more expensive across the industry, we're doing our best to keep rates as low as we can for good drivers.

So here are three things you won't be paying for when you purchase insurance through Root.

1. You won't pay for a network of agents

In 2015, there were approximately 1.05 million insurance brokers, agents, and service employees in the US. That's a lot of people and a lot of commissions.

Now, agents are good folks, but the fact of the matter is the agent model is dying and expensive. In 2014, insurance agents made $325 billion in commissions. That's a lot of cash.


"But I bought my traditional car insurance online!" you say. Sure, that might have saved you some money. But even if you bought auto insurance without the help of an agent, the insurance you bought was priced so that the company could afford its broker and agent network.

Root uses an app to sell insurance directly to you. No agents needed. So you won't be paying for them when you pay your auto insurance bill to us.

2. You won't pay for a huge advertising budget

Big insurance spends big money on advertising. Billions. In fact, auto insurance spends more on advertising than any other industry in the US.

When you buy traditional insurance, all that advertising reflects directly in your insurance bill.

Every company spends money on marketing, and Root is no exception. How else would people hear about us? But we prefer to use our marketing budget to put rewards in the hands of people who recommend us to family and friends.

And trust us: you'll never see Root on the Super Bowl. (We'll leave that hefty bill to the lizard.)

3. You won't pay for bad drivers

Can we beat this drum again? Awesome.

Look: if you're a good driver, bad drivers are costing you so. much. money. According to our data, the bottom 10% of drivers are causing nearly 1 out of every 4 car accidents.

So if you're a good driver with traditional car insurance, you're almost certainly paying more money than you should. It's the only way your insurance company can afford all the accidents caused by the worst drivers.

Root, on the other hand, doesn't even insure the bottom 15% of drivers. That's a lot of accidents that our good drivers aren't paying for. (And a lot of money left in your pocket.)

When you put it all together, not spending money on stuff that doesn't help our customers allows us to give some pretty fantastic rates—and some unique perks.

But don't take our word for it:



Like to give us a shot? Just download the app, burn through the 47 second signup, and drive around for a few weeks while our artificial intelligence does its thing. If you qualify for a quote, you'll be able to buy insurance with a few taps. We'll even cancel your old policy for you.

Simple. Sweet. Effective.

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