Join us in building car insurance for the modern day

Why Root

Root was founded on the belief that insurance is a broken industry, and we set out to change it.

We believe our customers deserve insurance that is:

  • Fair. We lean on data, not demographic labels.

  • Affordable. We give everyone a chance to get good coverage.

  • Personal. We give our customers the power to affect their rates.

  • Easy. We create an intuitive experience.

We started by tackling the archaic car insurance industry. Using data and technology, we base rates on how people actually drive. The result is a more fair, more affordable, and much easier experience—thanks to it all being in an app.

These same principles allow us to reimagine even more of the everyday services people need, like renters insurance. Seamless, affordable coverage for the things people value most—that’s what we deliver.

The perks of working at Root

Family wellness

Our healthcare plan covers you and your family with full health, vision, and dental insurance. We cover 100% of premiums for employees and 75% for dependents.

Healthy lunches

We want you to feel well. So four times a week we cater healthy lunch choices for everybody in the office who’s interested.

Flexible vacation policy

We trust everybody to get work done and manage their own work/life balance. We have a flexible vacation policy and don't micromanage days off.

Our beliefs


People are best when they know that they can come to work and not worry about who they are. At Root, you’ll only be judged on the merits of your work. We believe in being a company of builders who take initiative. There’s no hand-holding here, so take the initiative, jump in, and figure it out.


We believe in attacking everything with a passionate zeal for the love of the problem. We take ownership of those problems and take pride in solving them. We believe in questioning the norm and in the obligation of everyone to respectfully voice dissent. This transcends all levels of the organization.


The only thing we fear is fear itself. So take on the tough problems. We’re tackling a huge industry, with huge problems. We don’t have room for fear. We know uncomfortable conversations are the key to success and growth. When we feel uncomfortable, we lean in and run straight at the conversation.


We don’t yet know if the universe is a friendly place or not, but we do know our small piece of it is. We work together as one team, we’re empathetic toward our fellow human beings, and we strive to listen and understand each other. The purpose of communication at Root is to understand one another, not to defend one’s own position.

Current job openings

Customer Service
Corporate Dev & Strategy
Data Science

If you’d like to be a part of what we are building but don’t see an opening that suits you, email us at [email protected].