Notes from the road

Root’s ode to 2018

It’s been a big year for us at Root (all thanks to our members). Here are just a few of the highlights that made the year memorable.

I don’t know about you, but we’re feeling 22.

Root is now bringing fair car insurance to good drivers in 22 states. (We’re also taking liberties with a pop song reference.)

Big sky. Best braking.

Montana drivers are pros at braking. On average, they scored better than any other state in 2018. Must be all that fresh air.

Speaking in code.

Root worked on over 1.2 million lines of code in the app this year. That’s more lines than you’ll find in the entire Harry Potter series.

Taking it to the bank.

Root members saved $30,119,801 in 2018 from switching insurance carriers. That’s over 30 million cheeseburgers. They also earned $1.6 million from the referral program—about 846,560 large fries. Friends help friends get great insurance.

Playing it safe.

We conducted a distracted driving survey and the results were scary. (80% admitted to using a phone while driving.) So we added an additional 10% discount for undistracted Root drivers.

Miles of magnolias.

Root members in Mississippi racked up the most miles in 2018—an estimated average of over 16,000 miles per driver.

To the moon and back.

Root users drove 1,592,334,143 miles this year. That’s enough to make it to the moon and back over 3,000 times. And that’s a lot of data to improve insurance pricing and safety on the roads.

Adding a little bling.

CB Insights named us one of the top fintech startups of 2018 as part of their annual Fintech 250 list. (“Fintech” = a mash of ‘finance’ and ‘tech,’ because why say three syllables when you can say two?) And LinkedIn© ranked Root in the top 25 most attractive startups to work for.

This one’s for you, Samantha.

Root members named Samantha received the highest average test drive scores in 2018. So if you need a ride, ask a Samantha.

Sticking our neck out.

Our oddest insurance claim of 2018? A giraffe got its head stuck in the sunroof of a member’s car. Then it released its fury with a hefty kick to the passenger door and hubcap. Who knew Comprehensive coverage would save the day on a safari ride—in Texas!

Rolling into

2018 was big. 2019 is going to be even bigger. We’ll be bringing a fresh look to the Root app, reinventing the claims experience, and expanding to more states across the U.S.

Thanks for riding with us in 2018. 
We couldn’t have done it without you. Bring on the next journey.