Introducing Root Insurance’s
Tiny Agency

Because anything else is just a waste. Of time. Of money. Of space.

We’ve built an insurance company without traditional agencies or agents. Instead we’re all in an app.

And that makes everything easier.

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Find an agency. Get your reward.

With Root, your phone is your greatest asset. Simply use it at a tiny agency to receive a free treat (good stuff, promise) from one of our local business partners. It’s just one of the ways Root can save you money.

Visit a location.

5 locations across the greater Columbus, Ohio area. Freebies ready to be activated. No signup required.

  1. North Market
  2. Polaris Fashion Place
  3. Grandview Theater
  4. Upper Cup Coffee
  5. Celebrate Local
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It’s all in the app.

Root is the car insurance company that’s all in an app. Based on how you drive, not who you are. So good drivers can save a lot of money. If you’re interested, take the Test Drive to see how good of a driver you really are.

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