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Stay Home Driving Bonus

As we work together to slow the spread of COVID and keep each other safe, Root customers are doing their part to flatten the curve by staying in and driving less. With the Stay Home Driving Bonus, we’re using data to help support our customers during this crisis—by offering a credit of up to 10% off premiums paid in April and May for driving less during this pandemic.

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What is the Stay Home Driving Bonus?

The Stay Home Driving Bonus is a personalized credit of up to 10% off April and May premiums for driving at least 20% less during these months.

We know that car insurance can be a significant expense, and that many people are currently facing new financial hardship because of COVID. This program is Root’s way of supporting customers who are helping to slow the spread by sheltering in place and driving less.

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1. Enable app permissions

Make sure that motion and location permissions in the Root app are set to “Always allow” so that we can accurately measure your driving and calculate your bonus.

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2. Stay home

Your bonus amount is based on how much less you drive in April and May compared to when you first took the Root test drive.

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3. Get your bonus

If you qualify and drive at least 20% less in April and May, you’ll receive your bonus after the program period ends.

Stay Home Driving Bonus FAQs

What is the Stay Home Driving Bonus program?

The Root Stay Home Driving Bonus program is our way of supporting customers who are doing their part to protect communities and slow the spread of COVID by driving less.

How does the Stay Home Driving Bonus program work?

The Stay Home Driving Bonus program measures your current driving behavior compared to your driving behavior during your initial Root test drive. If you qualify and you’ve reduced your driving by 20% or more, you’ll be eligible for up to a 10% credit on premiums paid during April and May.

What if I’m an essential worker and my driving hasn’t changed?

Your initial Root quote was calculated based on your overall driving (e.g. trips to the store, to restaurants, to visit family and friends), not just your commute to and from work. Our Stay Home Driving Bonus is based on how much your driving has decreased overall. If you’re driving less—even if you’re an essential worker still driving to and from work—you could be eligible for the bonus.

Why was the “Stay Home Driving Bonus” created?

Root has always been committed to pricing insurance based on actual driving behavior. Because we understand how much less our customers are driving, we wanted to support them based on their individual behaviors, which have helped to limit the spread of COVID and the risk of accidents for themselves and others on the road.

How is the bonus calculated?

The bonus is calculated based on customer telematics data during the program period, beginning in April 2020, compared to when customers took their initial Root test drive. We recommend that you turn on app permissions as soon as you can and keep them on through the month of May. The bonus amount will vary depending on each customer’s volume of driving over the entire program period.

How much is the bonus?

The bonus amount will vary depending on customers’ individual volume of driving during the pandemic.

Who qualifies for the bonus?

The Stay Home Driving Bonus is available for all Root customers who:

  1. Completed their test drive and purchased an auto insurance policy based on their test drive before March 15, 2020.

  2. Reduced their driving by at least 20% in April and May

  3. Enabled “Always Allow” location and motion permissions in the Root app during April and May

If you qualified, we will send an email letting you know.

How do I get my bonus?

Qualifying customers will get an email explaining their bonus and payout options. We will notify qualifying customers when their bonus is processed, which can take up to a full billing cycle.

I pay my policy in full. Am I still eligible?

Our Stay Home Driving Bonus is available to all Root policyholders who completed their test drive and purchased a policy prior to March 15, 2020, regardless of billing type. So whether you pay month to month or all at once, billing preferences will not impact your eligibility for the bonus.

Will the Stay Home Driving Bonus impact my future rates?

This credit does not impact future rates, and Root will not use telematics data measured during this period to re-rate customers.

I’ve had my location permissions turned off. Do I not qualify?

You must have your app location permissions set to “always allow” during April and May to be eligible for a bonus.

Do I really need to enable the app to “always allow” location?

Enabling “always allow” location permission enables us to accurately measure driving behavior and reward customers who qualify for the bonus.

Are you just trying to get my data?

We’re supporting our customers for behaviors that benefit their communities on an individual basis, and location tracking data is necessary in order to fairly and accurately calculate this bonus. We won’t use the telematics measured during this time to re-rate customers, and Root will never sell personalized data to third parties.

Other insurers are extending payment dates for all of their policyholders. Are you?

We’re offering extensions to our customers who need flexibility in paying their premiums. For more information, please email covidhelp@joinroot.com or visit joinroot.com/covid-19-response.

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Understanding your insurance options during COVID

At Root, we’re committed to responding to your needs as the COVID crisis evolves and have gathered a number of resources to help you during this time.

COVID resources

The Root Stay Home Bonus Program is currently pending regulatory approval and not all policyholders will qualify. Currently, this program is not available in California.

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