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The easiest way to raise money? Our affinity partner program. No selling required.

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Let your supporters earn cash for your organization by taking the Root test drive. It’s that simple. There is no cost or obligation—the sky’s the limit.
Interested in learning more about our fundraising program? Here are answers to some of our most popular questions:

  1. How does Raise Funds with Root work?

    It’s simple. Partner with Root and we’ll create a unique sign-up URL for your organization; for each person who downloads the app with your link and then completes the test drive, we’ll pay your organization an affinity royalty payment. Because insurance is regulated by state, the amount you’ll earn per account will vary—in most states, your organization will receive around $25 per completed test drive. (Amount by state is outlined in the affinity agreement.) Payments will be processed monthly, unless otherwise specified in the affinity agreement between your organization and Root.

  2. Wait, what is Root?

    Root is the first car insurance company founded on the relentless pursuit of fairness. We use an app to rate drivers based primarily on how they actually drive—not just their demographics. By not insuring bad drivers, Root is able to save good drivers as much as 52% on their car insurance.

  3. How does Root work?

    The Root app uses driving information (think braking, turns, and how much you drive) to calculate your rate. If you’re a good driver, you’ll receive a quote—the better driver you are, the better your rate will be.

    The Root app also makes accessing and using your car insurance easy. If you receive a quote, you can customize and purchase your policy right in the app. You can find your insurance card, make changes to your policy, and file a claim in the app. You can even choose to have us cancel your old insurance policy for you.

  4. So what are we asking people to do?

    As a Root affinity partner, you’re asking your participants to let Root give them a quote for car insurance. In exchange, Root will supply your organization with a royalty payment. There is no obligation for your participants to buy insurance and how you ask is up to you.

  5. Is this limited to active members of our organization?

    Nope. Anyone who completes the Root test drive using your organization’s link will earn your organization a referral bonus offer. Feel free to encourage your members’ friends and families to try Root using your organization’s code.

  6. Why is Root launching a fundraising program?

    We could spend our marketing budget on only traditional channels. Or we could share our advertising dollars with organizations and communities. We choose to share those dollars with organizations (affinity partners) making a difference in their communities.

    That’s where you come in.

    Let’s be honest. There are a lot of insurance companies out there. And you probably see a lot of advertising for insurance. But when it comes to making a decision, what really matters? Often, it’s the experiences of those close to you. Or what we in the biz call “word of mouth” marketing.

    We started with a referral program, in which current users can get bonuses for referring their friends and family. Raise Funds with Root is a similar extension of this program to your organization. Think of it as a fundraising opportunity for your organization and a mutually beneficial way for us to give back to good causes.

  7. Why such a generous bonus?

    Our affinity partner program works because good drivers save significantly (up to 52%!) and decide to switch to Root after experiencing the simple process and seeing the great savings.

  8. What organizations qualify to participate?

    At this time, we are beta testing this program and are inviting select organizations to participate. Organizations that best align with the program are 501c3.

  9. How do we get started with Raise Funds with Root?

    Questions? Want to get your organization started? Contact community@joinroot.com outlining why you want to participate in Raise Funds with Root.

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