The easiest way to raise funds for Pelotonia.

Earn $25 for every friend who takes the Root test drive. No limits. (Seriously)

How to get easy money for Pelotonia:

  1. Activate your Root fundraising account

    Fill out the form below to turn your Pelotonia ID into a unique Root fundraising code.

  2. Share your code with friends

    For every friend who completes the Root test drive using your code, we’ll put $25 in your Pelotonia account.

  3. Earn $25 for your test drive, too

    Download the Root app, enter your fundraising code, and complete the test drive to earn $25.

Register your Pelotonia ID to get started

Enter your Rider ID below to turn it into a Root fundraising code. Then share your code with friends and family! You’ll get $25 for every person who completes the Root test drive using your code.

About Root

We’re car insurance the way it should be. At Root, your driving is the #1 factor in your car insurance rate, so good drivers save up to $100/month.

You don’t have to do anything else. Promise.

Just take the test drive. For real. Sure, if you decide you want to join because you really like your car insurance quote, we won’t be mad. But there’s no commitment on your end.


  • Why is Root Insurance partnering with Pelotonia?

    Root Insurance and Pelotonia are both in the business of a fairer, better world. So, naturally, we make great friends. (Also, we love good driving and hear that safer roads make cyclists happy, too. It’s a win-win.)
  • How do I take the Root test drive?

    Download the app. Enter the fundraising code and some info. Drive like you normally do.
  • How do I enter the fundraising code?

    Just download the Root app and tap “I have a code.” Pretty simple.
  • How will I know how much money I’ve earned?

    When four friends take the test drive with your code, you’ll earn $100 for cancer research. When 100 friends take the drive, you’ll earn $2500. Easy math. We’ll deposit the money in your Pelotonia account once a month.
  • Root has a referral program. Is this the same thing?

    No. In this fundraising program, all the money you and your friends earn by test driving will go directly to your Pelotonia account to benefit cancer research. You can still participate in the traditional referral program whenever you want, but those funds won't go to Pelotonia.
  • Are you going to force me or my friends to buy anything?

    Nope. That would be tacky. Although, if you’re a good driver, we suspect you’re going to really like the insurance quote we give you.
  • How do I make sure I get credit when my friends sign up?

    Make sure they use your fundraising code when they sign up in the Root app! Seriously! Tell them at least three times! If your people forget to use your code when they sign up, we won’t be able to fix it later.
  • Any deadlines I should know about?

    Actually, yes! The Root test drive takes a few weeks to complete, so you and your friends should start your drives by September 1st to ensure your funds are deposited by Pelotonia’s fundraising deadline. (But, seriously, you should start right now so you don’t forget.)
  • Anything else I should know?

    Root’s making the charitable donation and will take the corresponding tax deduction. This is a limited time program and Root reserves the right to cancel it at any time without prior notice. (Sorry. Our lawyers made us.)
  • Seriously...what’s the catch?

    No catch! Really! Let’s raise money for cancer research!

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Disclaimer for savings: Based on national reviews reported by actual customers.

Disclaimer for coverage: Coverage is available in the event of a covered loss. Exclusions may apply.

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Earn $25 for your test drive, too.