Easiest fundraising ever. With ROOT Insurance.

This year, meet your Pelotonia fundraising goal without asking for a single penny.

How? It’s simple, really. To celebrate Pelotonia’s 9th anniversary, ROOT Insurance will donate $9 to your fundraising account for every test drive you and your friends take.


  • Why is ROOT Insurance partnering with Pelotonia?

    ROOT Insurance and Pelotonia are both in the business of a fairer, better world. So, naturally, we make great friends.

    (Also, we love good driving and hear that safer roads make cyclists happy, too. It’s a win-win.)

  • How do I take a ROOT test drive?

    Click the big green button. Download the app. Enter some info. Drive like you normally do.

  • How will I know how much money I’ve earned?

    We’ll deposit all the funds you earn monthly and send you email updates to keep you in the loop.

    And just so you know, there’s no limit. Seriously. Sign up 9 friends and earn $81. Sign up 90 and earn $810.

    And if you sign up 900 friends? That’s a whole lot of money for cancer research.

  • How do I make sure I get credit when my friends sign up?

    Click the FUNDRAISE NOW button in the app or just shoot ‘em your special referral link via email or social media. (We’ll email the link to you when you sign up.)

  • Are you going to force me or my friends to buy anything?

    Nope. That would be tacky.

    Although, if you’re a good driver, we suspect you’re going to really like the insurance quote we give you.

  • Anything else I should know?

    This is a limited time program and ROOT reserves the right to cancel it at any time without prior notice.

    (Sorry. Our lawyers made us.)

  • Seriously...what’s the catch?

    No catch! Really! Let’s raise money for cancer research!